TidalAgoria "Platinum"Tidal Agoria "Platinum" Save $85,000, Trades, Save 60% Offwww.HigherFi.com"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio" SAVE ALMOST $85,000!!! Here is a beautiful pair of the factory premium upgraded "Platinum" version of the Tidal Agoria In ...59900.00

Tidal Agoria "Platinum" Save $85,000, Trades, Save 60% Off [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"
SAVE ALMOST $85,000!!!
Here is a beautiful pair of the factory premium upgraded "Platinum" version of the Tidal Agoria In glorious Madagascar Ebony (additional upgrade) gloss finish that truly must be seen to be appreciated - wow are these stunning. These speakers are under 1 yr old and they come with the original factory crates and in like new condition yet nearly $85,000 OFF the retail price!!!   

As part of the $30,000 optional Platinum Upgrade the crossovers have the upgraded and expensive Dueland Oil Capacitors, upgraded all silver internal wire and much more substantial isolation feet over the standard model. These are all part of the $30,000 Platinum Upgrade which makes this model sound far superior to the standard Agoria.
Open to trades and yes we can provide worldwide shipping.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: The drivers, configuration, and cabinet are designed to reproduce a signal that is clean, fast, and most accurate. We use a unique concept of 2 x 11" woofers and 3 x 11" passive radiators: two side-firing ones and one extremely low-tuned back-firing one. With this configuration the room modes are excited in a very even way, without the typical first hard reflection from the ground. Also, we use newly designed midwoofers and tweeters -- you will find them only in the Tidal Agoria. All these drivers are housed in a stiff and yet resonance-absorbing cabinet made out of Tiralit. The Agoria also has our flexible Varioterminal technology of the Sunray and therefore allows a lot of flexibility for all different kinds of rooms and/or tastes, and offers altogether eight different adjustments to play with. It also uses the latest version of our Unopulse crossover design, where we do combine a step response with the most minimal direction changes and a mostly flat frequency response". 

Next up is the gorgeous, Tidal Agoria three-way (1.2" diamond tweeter, two 7" black ceramic mid/woofs, two 11" black ceramic-sandwich woofers, augmented by three 11" black ceramic-sandwich sub-bass radiators) driven by Tidal’s own electronics. If I awarded a prize for most beautiful sound of the show, this system would surely have won. Absolutely lovely, delicate, dark, smooth, and relaxed on Cassandra Wilson, The Nylons, The Fairfield Four, on everything, in fact, the Tidals also managed incredible resolution of detail, and this when sourced by a digital front end! Aside from the usual flatness and bloomlessness of digital, this was a wonderful presentation. 
AXPONIA 2016 BEST SPEAKERS, Jonathan Valin / Stereophile

OVERVIEW: Cabinet: 7-layer 2"-PCM (polymineralic composite TIRALIT, developed and protected by TIDAL) - Inner matrix material: HDF & 2"-PCM - fully passive adjustable or as the Sunray with partly active bass - 2 + 3 x 11", 2 x 7", 1 x 1.2" - Silver, Diamond, Kevlar, Ceramic, Aluminum, Steel and more... - Multi adjustable to the room - Finish Madagascar Ebony Gloss - Special option included : "Platinum Version" - all upgraded premium wiring - Design: elegant & powerful, a TIDAL evolution.±3dB 

TERMS: Bank wire only on this item please, all sales final, trades happily considered, interest free layaway possible, worldwide shipping available, please inquire prior to purchase if you have any questions .

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