Tidal AudioAgoria Platinum Tidal Audio Agoria Platinum  Over 50% Off/ Further ReducedPlease lend me your ear for just a moment. We as Audiophiles are constantly seeking that component or components that take us to the nest level. When we can hear deeper into the music where you can...59995.00

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Please lend me your ear for just a moment. We as Audiophiles are constantly seeking that component or components that take us to the nest level. When we can hear deeper into the music where you can locate and define the instruments and vocals so that ir starts to sound real it stirs our souls and creates excitement. It makes us want to find time to come back and hear that experience again over and over.
Its difficult to hear all of the equipment out there. And we all want to make sure that we are making a wise decision and getting all that we can for out money. So we turn to the Reviewers for their expertise. IF they endorse a product its even better. Now we have their validation. So what happens when the Reviewers of The Absolute Sound attend the Axpons Show and rank that product in the top five sounds at the Show. That's a significant achievement. To be recognized as one of the five best. Wow Than the next Show is the NewPort Beach Show. And the same company gets a top five ranking again. Now this is not just coincidence. This is one of the finest products that you can own. It's a Company that doesn't advertise. They put all of the costs into superior parts and design. Just tap those cabinets. You will be convinced that the cabinets are dead and your knuckles are sore.  
This product is Tidal Audio. But Tidal Audio does not take out display ads. The reason for this is simple. Why should you as a consumer looking for the most that you can budget in the best product possible, want to pay for advertising? Advertising is not something that you can hear and accounts for a significant part of the manufacturers budget.It's just something that you have to pay for in increased prices or limits the designer in his choice of parts. What's significant is that advertising is very expensive and you pay for it in most equipment selections. 
I have been fortunate and had the opportunity to own many very expensive Reference Speakers costing in excess of $200,000. And what I can tell you with 38 years of experience is that Tidal Audio has a better product for about half of the money. And it's not because they were omitting expensive components to offset price or pay for advertising.
The Tidal Agoria's will take you to places you have never heard before. They will not be the limiting factor in your system.  The Drivers are all Accuton made to Tidals specifications. The Tweeter is a diamond driver. And in the Platinum version of this speaker you get Dueland Capacitors, Silver Wire, and large more stable feet. These speakers are not for the light of heart. They weigh 385 lbs. a piece. They best anything that I have heard and I know that you will agree.
So what do you get? You get a Pair of Tidal Agorias in the Madagascar Ebony finish.You get the specially made flight cases, and the best woodworking that I have ever seen. You get all of the upgrades that are included in the Platinum Upgrade, a Five Year Warranty starting from the date of purchase and backed by Tidal Audio. The. Agorias are a current product. Not a discontinued one. And lastly you save $70,000. So for $70,000 you can own a pair of speakers that will challenge the finest at any point. There are only one pair available at this price with full warranty in perfect condition. 
I wanted to say also that you will only be charged for the actual freight charges. This can be discussed at a later date. And finally, thank you for your time.   
In the latest The Absolute Sound Tidal had a Best of the Show by Jonathan Valin. That's high praise. Issue 266 
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