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Viking Acoustics Gottenburg Odin [Expired]

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Ultra Reference Statement loudspeaker 
Statement loudspeaker for the world's finest tube audio systems. 
Large horn loudspeaker incorporating many acoustic innovations while using an absolute no-compromise approach to the components, construction, and design. 
+++Engineered to be the finest statement home loudspeaker ever made. 
The Gottenburg Odin's sonic abilities are virtually limitless.



Viking's unique infinite horn configuration

Drivers: 32" WOOFER (80 cm) wide-band + 7” (17.8 cm) full-range driver set in co-axial horn arrangement; top mounted mystery horn super tweeter with AlNiCo motor

Massive silica-bronze alloy horns 

Exclusive dual front mounted tonewood external & internal resonators

Finest internal components no plastic in signal path

Many wood/inlay options (See wood options)

Bandwidth: 15 Hz-50,000 Hz +- 2db

Sensitivity: estimated 102 dB

Overall size: 70” (178 cm) high x 35” (89 cm) wide x 21.5” (55 cm) deep

Weight: 570 lbs (231 kg) each

 View the YouTube video of the Gottenburg (prototype) playing in a very large room with an 8 watt tube amplifier; achieving this kind of sound pressure level with 8 watts per channel without clipping in a huge room is nearly Impossible!  With greater power 20-50 watts or more the possibilities are limitless! 



50% downpayment via bank-wire. Balance due on delivery or upon shipping. Purchase price includes "white glove" delivery and set up within USA with an extra charge for Canada.  Air freight for world-wide customers quoted at exact rate.


Any fine wood combination. Choose silica bronze horns and resonator frames in black oxide, bronze, or antique silver. 


completion time normally less than 1 year usually 6-8 month's.


>> Technical Overview  at viking-acoustics  .dot com

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Fred from Boston, music lover, high-end audio dealer, musician

On the Gottenburg Odin

​If you are an audiophile, you may be lucky to have 3 or 4 moments over an equal number of decades, where what you know to be 'true' is shifted and stood on its head. These are never thoughtful intellectual moments, rather gobsmacked moments of pure spirit, that leave you shorn open, never to be exactly the same again.  (The way a truly great live performance changes you forever.) If you are not an audiophile, the next few paragraphs may just save you a lifetime of sampling and switching.