Voce AudioV2Voce Audio V2 Full Range FloorstandersJUST REDUCED $500! This is probably one of the best kept secrets in all of audio! An amazing full range speaker that will simply capture your ears, eyes, and heart. The detail in music you will exp...8495.00

Voce Audio V2 Full Range Floorstanders [Expired]

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JUST REDUCED $500! This is probably one of the best kept secrets in all of audio! An amazing full range speaker that will simply capture your ears, eyes, and heart. The detail in music you will experience is just amazing. If Vince had put as much time into marketing as they do into design and craftsmanship, they would be a household brand. Hearing and experiencing is believing with these "instruments" I have owned the larger Voce V1's which sounded better than my SF Stradavari's (but were ugly as sin). These play just as well & are far better looking with only 1 mid range driver as compared with the V1's which had 2. Voce means "Voice" in Italian. The V2's, from Voce Audio, were designed by Vince Solbes, a former tenor with the San Francisco Opera. Local audition is strongly encouraged – If you listen to them & see them – You will buy them! Selling these stunning speakers due to a impending move requirement. The Voce V-2 speakers are directly comparable to the Magico Q3 and Q5, though a bit more relaxed and neutral. Voce is not very well known so Google them to find out more about their incredible construction, great sound, and solid engineering. The phenolic baffles are custom finished in "natural" and "naked" bands. The V-2's sound best with high quality electronics and cables. Type: Three way floor standing speaker. Specs 90dB, 30 to 300 watts, 4 ohms, crossovers 275Hz & 3400Hz, frequency range 25Hz to 40,000Hz. Condition: 7/10 because of a flaw on the upper left hand corner of one speaker, which is depicted in the pictures, and several other minor blemishes on bases which can be re-painted. Price reflects the cosmetic issues, which frankly are difficult to see and cannot be detected from more than a few inches away. Otherwise, they are in excellent condition and of course play as they should INCREDIBLE!. Original crates and accessories including floor spikes and protective covers. I am the second owner and the first purchased them directly from Voce Audio. Age: 5 years. Original Owner: 2nd. Included: Crates and accessories. No Grills - As there were none supplied. From the manufacturer: The speaker cabinet is design with an interior rear wave aero dynamic baffle, which allows minimum use of dampening material, keeping the sound alive with air around the tone and timber and not “restricted or compressed” in any way. The front and rear baffles are CNC machined from a solid block of High Density Phenolic, as well as the base ( 4″) thick. The front and rear baffles are held together with tension rods, this contributes to a total isolation of the drivers from the cabinet, allowing their pistonic behavior to be kept as intact as possible. They weigh 400 lbs. each & they are 60″ H X 18″ W X 24″ D. They are very substantial without being intrusive. We use WBT top of the line binding post, Nordost Valhalla internal wiring, point to point silver soldering and only the best crossover components available ie heavy gage Alpha Core Goertz inductors and Mundorf caps and resistors. The crossover boards are mounted in a separate compartment from the drivers in isolation pods, all hardware is 315 SS, rods, machined screws etc. Driver compliment (per speaker): Two (2) 10″ woofers Two (1) 5 3/4″ midrange One (1) Scanspeak revelator tweeter From me: Vince recommended using tube amps with the V2's. I have run the V2′s with 60 wpc 6C33B otl amps (Einstein) & with 100 wpc KT88 amp/s (VAC) & the sound is incredible! Vocals & stringed instruments are the very best I have ever heard. Midrange (vocals) are amazing. Bass is strong, with punch & quick & no bloat. I wont bore you with how they sound & there are not many local dealers where you can audition them – So bring your favorite music & be amazed! Rent a truck & $ave a bundle as I paid $1,200 to have them shipped from Voce in Caif. to NY. Each crate is 67″ X 27″ X 36″ & 450 lbs. *Buyer must make all shipping arrangements & have them picked up from my location- (I will have them crated & ready for pick up by the carrier of your choice). Ask for scans of the wood crates & feel free to ask any relevant questions. *Shipping & PayPal are on the buyer (if you choose that method) Wire transfer or ca$h is more than welcome. Check my 12 year+ 100% (753) positive feedback rating & rest assured as to whom you are dealing with. Best regards Richard
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