Von Schweikert AudioVR-4jr African HazelwoodVon Schweikert Audio VR-4jr African Hazelwood San Diego SaleUp for sale are my Von Schweikert VR-4jr speakers in beautiful African Hazelwood. These speakers have never overdriven and have been cared for in a smoke free home. Asking $1,900.They are in great-...1900.00

Von Schweikert Audio VR-4jr African Hazelwood San Diego Sale [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale are my Von Schweikert VR-4jr speakers in beautiful African Hazelwood. These speakers have never overdriven and have been cared for in a smoke free home. Asking $1,900.

They are in great-excellent condition, with only a few very small scratches that are barely noticeable. I'm the original owner and I am reluctantly selling them because my current listening room is too small for for the VR4-jrs, unfortunately.

Functionally and cosmetically they are excellent! These are truly wondeful speakers and sound amazing with a wide variety of music. I listen to everything from jazz, classical, indie, alternative, electronic, classic rock, female vocal, etc. 

All of the awards and great reviews are true - these are outstanding in every parameter. I have paired them with tube amplifiers, sold state and digital amps and they always sound fantastic.

The VR-4jrs were designed expressly to be bi-wired, so I am including a pair of 8' Ridge Street Audio Poima!!! silver speaker cables with Eichmann Bayonet plugs on one end and spades on the other. These cables were designed to work specifically with the VR-4jrs, and I paid $2,000 for them new and they are included with the purchase.

I also upgraded the spikes on the woofer module with high quality Audio Points from Star Sound Technologies, because the originals did not hold up when adding sand to the bass modules. I paid $300 for the upgraded spikes!

To summarize, here's what's included with the VR-4jr speakers:

- Ridge Street Audio Poima!!! 8' silver bi-wire speaker cables (paid $2,000)
- Audio Points spikes for bass module ($300 value)
- Original spikes for the M/T module
- Original velvet bags for speaker modules
- All original speaker grills
- Data Link umbilical cords for connecting the bass cabinets to the top M/T cabinet.
- Original Manual

(I do not have the wooden crates due to space constraints)


- Frequency Response: 23Hz to 20kHz (+/- 2dB)
- Impedance: 6 ohms avg. (4 ohms 20 Hz-150 Hz; 8 ohms 150 Hz-20 kHz).
- Recommended Power: 20 watts up to 300 watts music power.
- Sensitivity: 89 dB @ 1w/1m using 2.83 v (91.5 dB in room with boundary reinforcement).
- Size: Midrange/Tweeter (12.5"h x 8"w x 20"d). Woofer (25.25"h x 8"w x 20"d). System (38.5"h x 8"w x 20"d).

These are truly wondeful speakers. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or for more photo's. 

Buy with confidence, 100% feedback on eBay (gvelis) & Agon (ggil).

Lastly, these speakers are VERY heavy. The Mid/Tweeter cabinets are 26 lbs and the Bass module are 52 lbs without sand. Total weight for each speaker including the sand filled bass modules is somewhere around 120 lbs.

*** These are available for local sale only. Due to the weight, I cannot ship them. I'm happy to demo them for you here at my home.

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From Von Schweikert Audio's original press release:

Von Schweikert's VR-4jr is a two-piece stacking speaker utilizing a time-aligned, decoupled satellite / subwoofer system to insure top notch music reproduction. Recording Studios using VR-series include Sheffield Labs, Musical Fidelity Sound Labs, A&M Records (Herb Alpert), and Walt Disney Studios (Alan Menken, winner of 7 academy awards). 

The cabinet walls are 1-inch thick and internally lined with thick acoustic felt while driver compliment includes twin shielded 7-inch poly-laminate mica-cellulose woofers, one 7-inch carbon mica-cellulose poly-laminate midrange driver, a 1-inch poly-tri-laminate silk-dome tweeter, plus a 1-inch rear firing ambience mid/tweeter with fabric dome. Binding posts are double sets of five-way rhodium enabling bi-wiring, though a single wire can be used with optional Data Link connector. Von Schweikert's VR4 jr. has a wide frequency response from 23Hz to 20kHz and presents a 6 Ohm load.
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