Wisdom Audio Research "RUSH" -Wisdom Audio Research  "RUSH" - 80% off, Save $140K, Trades OK, WOW!www.HigherFi.com"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"FROM HIGHERFI - Here is another amazing deal on ultimate high end speakers - how about 80% OFF RETAIL!!!Save almost $140,000 OFF ...24900.00

Wisdom Audio Research "RUSH" - 80% off, Save $140K, Trades OK, WOW! [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"

FROM HIGHERFI - Here is another amazing deal on ultimate high end speakers - how about 80% OFF RETAIL!!!

Save almost $140,000 OFF on these pre-owned mint condition (rated 8/10 or better) pair of the legendary, top of the line Wisdom Audio speakers - carefully crafted from the highest quality premium parts. These are one owner speakers, from one of the original owners of the company who has now moved into a smaller place and has thus been forced to part with his babies.

This pair of amazing speakers comes with two towers containing a 72" Planar Ribbon in each, two towers containing four 12" woofers in each,  two stereo amps designed to run the whole system with 700 watts per channel with the brain to control the speakers built into them. The whole system is operating normally and in top cosmetic condition. Speakers include all required wood crates. 


If you want to purchase these speakers and use your own pair of stereo amps instead of the custom design pair of stereo amps (made by EDGE) provided with this system ($60,000 original retail value for the two amps) ... then we will sell the speakers without the amps for only $29,900 + shipping ... add $18,000 additional to the asking price if you want the $60,000 amps factory sold amps to be included.

The Wisdom Audio "RUSH" system employs eight of our low frequency regenerators housed in two dedicated towers almost six feet tall. Benefiting from the low frequency work load being shared among eight woofers, each operates at a fraction of their capability to offer increased power handling, expanded dynamic range, lower distortion and superior timbre discrimination across their driven range. The Adrenaline Rush’s outstanding low frequency reproduction capabilities provide a superior match to our six foot, thin-film planar-magnetic line source via the Active Brain, yielding a compellingly realistic combination of clarity, speed, dynamics, power handling and soundstage. For those discriminating listeners who demand the highest levels of realism and dynamic range, the Adrenaline Rush is designed for you.


Drivers (Line Source) 75"x3" Planar Magnetic per channel
Drivers (Low Frequency Regenerator) Four 12" Under hung 3" coil LFR per channel
Line Source Driver Weight 43 lbs. each channel
Low Frequency Magnet Weight 152 lbs. each channel
Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz +3db
Horizontal Dispersion Over 130 degrees
Vertical Dispersion 6’ Line Source
Sensitivity 1W/1M Equivalent 91dB Equivalent Ratio
Line Source (Nominal Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Line Source (Minimum Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Low Frequency Regenerator Impedance Choice of 2, 4 or 6 ohms
Active Crossover Point Normal setting 140 Hz
Passive Components None
Required Channels of Amplification 4 (Up to 6 or 10 as an option)
Max. Power Handling (Line Source) 1250 watts per channel
Max. Power Handling (Low Frequency Regenerator) 4000 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power (Line Source) 200-625 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power (Low Frequency Regenerator) 200-2000 watts per channel
Complete System Weight 4-piece system /1400lbs Approx
Line Source Cabinet (H" x W") 80" x 7" (base 18"W x 31"D)
Low Frequency Cabinet (H" x W" x D") 80" x 7" (base 18"W x 31"D)
RETAIL PRICE: $170,000 per pair

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Non refundable deposit via PayPal of $4900 required within 2 days due with balance via Bank Wire transfer due before shipping, all sales final, no factory warranty provided on this item as it is pre-owned, shipping via truck to your door in the USA or via Air for overseas. Estimate around $1800 for truck shipping or you can arrange your own or pickup.

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