Zu AudioEssenceZu Audio Essence SpeakersThese are a One Of A Kind Custom Painted Pair of Zu Audio Essence Speakers in excellent condition with very low hours. No Factory Boxes , Prefer Local Pickup. Would Entertain Custom Crating Speak...1200.00

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These are a One Of A Kind Custom Painted Pair of Zu Audio Essence Speakers in excellent condition with very low hours. No Factory Boxes , Prefer Local Pickup. Would Entertain Custom Crating Speakers for Shipping at buyers expense....... The main driver in this case is that rare beast, a dual-cone 10-incher – 250mm in modern parlance, though few have been around since our masters instructed us to go decimal. The need to position such a large driver so that its centre is roughly at seated-ear height means that the essence is both taller and wider than is currently fashionable. indeed, some might describe this speaker as a bit of a throwback stylistically speaking and the situation wasn't helped by the rather anonymous dull brown veneer that dressed our samples. Happily, there are many much prettier options available, including (at a £500 premium) high gloss any-colour-you-like and even (to special order) any custom finish you care to specify. The essence is effectively the successor to Zu's Druid IV, but although the two models look somewhat similar, the measured differences between them are, in fact, surprisingly large. The two enclosures look much the same from the front, though the essence has a much deeper – roughly square in plan – enclosure and a different (and much more satisfactory) plinth treatment. The essence also has a ribbon, rather than a horn tweeter and its 250mm main driver now has a large cylindrical central polepiece extension. This is actually a 'one-and-a-half-way' design, as no attempt is made to roll off the upper end of the main driver. Its large 195mm paper cone, terminated in a double-S doped fabric surround, will naturally have restricted and very directional high frequencies, but the smaller 95mm 'wizzer' cone should help extend things a little. Ultimately, however, the relatively large diameter (50mm) voice coil will have a relatively high inductance and this will introduce its own natural first-order rolloff (while also conferring generous power handling). It's logical, therefore, to add a tweeter to extend the top end and Zu has gone for a powerful ribbon device, roughly 60x 5mm, transformer-coupled to its crossover and mounted little below seatedear level. The bass is loaded by a 'slot' port created by spacers between two identical plinths, providing what the measurements suggest is some species of reflex-loading. however, Zu attributes the actual loading system to the motorcycle exhaust tuning technique of one Ron Griewe, based on 'alternating velocity theories'. That's as may be, but the plinth does marginally (and very necessarily) extend the stability footprint and ensure secure accommodation for the US-type spikes. Electrical input is provided by a solitary flexible cardas terminal clamp, which is good for spades and bare wires, but less than ideal (though still useable) with 4mm plugs. Unlike its Druid IV predecessor, the larger essence is best positioned well clear of walls. And in order to get the most presence output, the speakers should be directed towards the most favoured listening seat. Sound quality The essence delivers an exceptionally well focused soundstage with unusual lateral image precision, which is probably due to a combination of factors. On the one hand its unusual phase accuracy helps remind one that the Greek root 'stereo' actually means 'solid'. At the same time focus will be enhanced because other elements of the design tend to favour the direct sound over the room-reflected sound – partly because its upper-mid off-axis output is likely to be somewhat restricted, but also because the tweeter is set low and essentially operates as a line source with limited vertical radiation. We are Authorized Dealers for: VPI-SIM AUDIO-HARBETH-HEGEL-PARASOUND-ROGUE AUDIO-REGA-CROFT GOLDEN EAR TECHNOLOGY-MONITOR AUDIO-NORDOST-AUDEZE-MAGICO-JL AUDIO DEVIALET-SCANSONIC-RYAN ACOUSTICS-ELAC-AURENDER
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