Zu AudioSoul Superfly Mk.1BZu Audio Soul Superfly Mk.1B MintOffering you my Minty fresh 2 year old Zu Audio Soul Superfly Mk.1-B speakers in Sangria Red. I mistakenly had these listed as Mk.1's. They feature the upgraded driver (see close up picture showin...2499.00

Zu Audio Soul Superfly Mk.1B Mint [Expired]

no longer for sale

Offering you my Minty fresh 2 year old Zu Audio Soul Superfly Mk.1-B speakers in Sangria Red.  I mistakenly had these listed as Mk.1's. They feature the upgraded driver (see close up picture showing engraved model number  Zu103ND/G1-16) My apologies for the confusion with this listing.  I've also reduced my asking price so you are getting a great deal.  These are currently going for $3200 new.

I'm selling these to get money to buy a guitar that I simply must have and that is the only reason I would ever sell these.  They are amazing speakers and sound fantastic.  Just check out the many reviews available online.   These are the best speakers I've ever owned.  In fact I have 2 pairs of them.  So I will still have access to their in-your-face sound even after I sell one pair to you ;-)

They are designed  to be paired with a low power (SET) tube amp.  I have run my Dynaco ST-70 (35 wpc) and my HH Scott Stereomaster 380R (25 wpc) into these speakers with incredibly satisfying results. They prefer to be run at 16 ohms.  The Zu website even has a list of amps and receivers they have listened to paired up with the Superfly's ...see below. These are hooked up and available for an audition if you live in or near Denver.

From the Zu Audio web site*************************************

Amps, Engineering and Design

We love tech’ and engineering, and we love music and sound and sensation. Soul Superfly, like all Zu speakers, is designed by ear first and foremost, using engineering and measures to help isolate and realize solutions for audible improvements. Once we get any loudspeaker sounding sweet we standardize it, including the test and measures procedures and systems used to ensure the highest possible matching and quality. Zu does not engineer around someone else’s ideals, implementation of models or engineering conventions.

Here’s a short list of amps we think are a good to great match-up:

Allnic A-6000*, Allnic T-1500 , Art Audio PX-25*, Audion Black Night 845, Audion 300B 25th Anniversary, Audion Golden Dream, Bryston LP2, Denon PMA2000R Mk.IV, Dynaco ST-70*, First Watt J2 (fed balanced), First Watt SIT-1, First Watt SIT-2, Leben CS-300, Leben CS-600*, McIntoch MA6600, Melody I-2A3, Melody M-300B, Melody NS-211, Panasonic XR-25–75, Peachtree Nova, PeachTree iNova, PeachTree Decco, PeachTree Decco 65, Classic Quad II, Yamamoto A-08S*

*Best on 16 ohm tap, or special order with 16 ohm output transformer.

Soul Superfly is a high-efficiency, high-output floor-standing loudspeaker capable of world-class performance. Soul Superfly is complete with ZuB3 silver alloy internal cabling, ultra premium capacitors, Cardas pure copper binding post, and Zu Superfly cabinet composite treatment process minimizing cabinet resonance. And now, with Soul Superfly Mk.I-B being fitted with our top shelf nanotech sanctified high-output, Dominance developed full-range driver! It is a 16 ohm loudspeaker, best matched with amplifiers that will benefit from this easy load.

So about the Mk.I-B... The most important element of a loudspeaker is the driver—the round part that vibrates and turns electric power into sound. And when a loudspeaker is build around a full-range driver like ours it makes the driver all that much more critical. Soul Superfly Mk.I-B has one very big difference over it’s predecessor, it features the Dominance developed nanotech high-output driver. There are no other changes but the difference is pretty huge—more resolution of attack detail in bass, mids and treble. And more resolution of tone and texture, and better dynamic handling of complex music.

Soul Superfly [Mk.I-B] Quick Specs

Height: 38” [96.5cm]
Footprint: 12-9/64”square [30.8cm square]
Weight: 54 pounds [24kg]
Bandwidth: 30 – 25kHz
Efficiency: 100 dB-SPL 1W, 1m
Impedance: 16 ohm
Power Amp Range: 2 – 300 watt
Made In Ogden, Utah—U.S.A.

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