Furutech Df2 FlattnerFree shipping!This ad is "only a 'billboard' to state that we are an authorized dealer for Furutech. There are no direct sales through this web site. The price listed is for either the Flattner or the Demag no...2330.00

Furutech Df2 Flattner Free shipping! demag de mag [Expired]

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This ad is "only a 'billboard' to state that we are an authorized
dealer for Furutech. There are no direct sales through this web site. The price listed is for either the Flattner or the Demag not for both.
All sales inquiries must be directed to is directly via sales@audioturntable.com or by calling 802-527-2300.We have the a New DF2 Record Flattener FURUTECH - DF2 Record Flattener and a DeMag unit in stock so please contact us. Read the 6moons review! DVF-1 Record FlattenerHere is a short review on it:When I first became aware of the DFV-1 Record Flattener, I was excited. When offered one for review, I didn't hesitate. I wanted to try it. I've got a fairly extensive record collection and despite pretty good care, record warps just remain a fact of life for me. Some months ago I sat down for a listen to Pink Floyd's The Wall and couldn't believe my ears. A two LP set, I discovered that the first disc had become horribly warped - pinch warped to be exact. While the second disc was close to mint, the first disc was unplayable. I won't lie and tell you otherwise, I wanted a review sample to repair my precious LP.I love the fact that Furutech has designed the DFV-1 while keeping in mind how precious shelf space is to the average audiophile. A completely vertical design, the DFV-1 can be placed just about anywhere. With a foot print of 19 by 7 inches, there's no room where it can't easily be stowed and its 21.5-inch height shouldn't be an issue either. At 24 lbs, this is one piece you won't need the help of your buddy to move around either.

Here is some info on the demag:

The Furutech DeMag may be expensive, but after you hear what it does, you won�t play a record or CD without it!

The new Furutech DeMag is a brand-new tool for demagnetizing LPs, CDs, DVDs, SACDs, CD-Rs and DVD-Audio discs. It can also remove built-up magnetism in interconnects, speaker cables and power cords.

We know what you�re thinking: Records are made of vinyl! How can you demagnetize an LP? Furutech tells us the carbon used to color vinyl attracts a magneticcharge and this charge affects the magnetic fields in your cartridgecreating distortion. After you demagnetize your records on the DeMag, you will not believe the difference!

�Forwhatever reason, demagnetizing an LP definitely removed highfrequency glare and seemed to enrich the midband� It did. Everytime� Period. The difference was obvious� And do not try one of these devices unless you�re prepared to buy it!�
- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, October 2006n

We're not sure why digital media would be subject to the same phenomena, but over the years, we've heard the effects of demagnetizing CDs, DVDs and even CD-Rs can make with great increases in clarity, transparency and extension. The DeMag, does it better than any other device we've used!

The DeMag even removes residual magnetic fields from your audio cables! Over time, the materials and impurities in your cables will become magnetized, which distorts their tonal balance and ability to reproduce a sonic space. Just loop your cables and place them on top of the DeMag for a session, when your jaw comes off the floor, give us a call, let us know how impressed you were.

No matter how expensive your components are, you will hear an increase in resolution and a more natural sense of �flow� to all of your records and discs after treatment with the DeMag. We want you to try this accessory for yourself, but beware� you won�t want to be without it after you hear what the DeMag does!

Common sense note: Please do not use the DeMag on any magnetic media, such as cassettes, reel to reel tapes, 8-Tracks or with phono cartridges.

This product is 110volt and for usa and canada only. Double shipping cost to canada.

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