Gabriel GoldInfusionThe NEW Gabriel Gold Infusion AC Cord. Length = 5ft 7 Nines Pure Silver and 24k Gold plated Silver are used as conductors Modified Oyaide Connectors Very Flexible Best Cord I've built to dat...1495.00

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The NEW Gabriel Gold Infusion AC Cord. Length = 5ft 7 Nines Pure Silver and 24k Gold plated Silver are used as conductors Modified Oyaide Connectors Very Flexible Best Cord I've built to date Gabriel Gold "Bringing Your Music To Greater Heights" * * * * Designs which which recreate the natural timbre of instruments,harmonics and the human voice as none other.Soundstaging, depth of field and the ability to delineate complex passages will leave you astounded. The lower frequencies are taut, authoritative, fast and dynamic. In head to head comparisons the Gabriel Gold's have replaced cables costing up to five times as much On another note - It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, however,DON'T BE FOOLED By imitations all Gabriel Gold wire is proprietary The sound of the Infusion ! Images will challenge your senses creating a musical canvas open to endless emotional interpretations. Melodic lines, individual instruments, voices and the most delicate passages of the recording are replicated in an uncompromising manner Focus is unwavering, images defined.Presentation creates a silent and black background enabling the listening into the recording recreating greater depth. How can this be? I am able to offer a product of this magnitude through tireless design work/testing and also in part to large investment of precious metals a decade ago. Like all Gabriel Gold products the Reflection is hand built from the initial stage of the handling of the raw conductors and materials to the final stage of applying the heatshrink label. Each step is meticulous as the end product so confidently and audibly demonstrates Having spent over 15 years in the audio and music industry, I had been constantly searching for that perfect sound. Nearly 10 years ago after hearing and owning virtually every cable out there, I was compelled to design a cable for myself, one that would properly reproduce music the way I feel it should sound. A sound that stressed correct timbre, harmonics and tonality above all else. Two years and many designs later, I had a product that fulfilled my expectations. It began with a blend of 24K (pure) Gold, Silver and Copper in various percentages. Let’s get this out of the way “not all Gold, Silver, Copper and blended Gold alloys are the same. The purity and the manner in which it is drawn as well as many other factors come into play. Within months after my initial design, people within my audio community auditioned the cables and were extremely impressed with the results. I soon found myself building cables for audiophiles and guitar cables for major musicians. Both sonically and aesthetically, the Gabriel Gold products are preferre over some of the worlds most expensive and respected cables. An Audio distributor/importer interested in bringing the product to the mass marked called the Gabriel Golds, “a sonic and visual masterpiece.” Paul Shaffer (from the Letterman Show) outfitted his entire audio/video system with Gabriel Gold interconnects and speaker wire. Although I’ve had a number of trade publications request review samples over the years, I have graciously declined. as my focus has been and always will be the ultimate reviewer - - You The Customer ! With over 500 discussions posted on Audiogon and great testimonials/feedback I feel confident I’m on the right path. Since my initial designs my creativity and experience has allowed me to design a number of cables such as the Revelation series, the Rapture series and the Reflection series. All of these products were born of extensive designs, testing and blends of precious metals. In summary, experimentation with various percentages of precious metals yields and will continue to yield incredible results as the Rapture R, Reflection the NEW Passion, Rapture v3 , Infusion and Halo products can attest to a few comments from Gabriel Gold listeners "the soundstage is mesmerizing; it has released the grandeur of the stage and are unbeatable in my experience. the black silence between well defined placement of 3d images is bible black and starless....with the deep stage set behind my speakers and extending well beyond my speakers side to side. great fun. exciting, transporting, and relaxing, it actually feels like an environment is created rather than a room recreated. no grain, flawless pace and wide extension with shimmering highs and deep natural taut bass. micro dynamics and revealing of inner detail is astonishing. and with the detail revealed so astutely and naturally combined with the head bobbing and toe-tapping macrodynamics, they seem to make bare the composer's intent. I used Coltrane's ballads as one of my test cd' can hear the spittle on the reed...and there is a tremolo at the very end of each note on the first cut i have never heard before. breathtaking. the piano is across half the stage and the whisper and control of the brushes gets my goofy grin cemented in place. the attack/decay and sustain is perfect on emphasis and without exaggeration. really, I was perfectly satisfied with the Revelations, but now they're a bit spoiled for me as the Rapture is upon us make me a mormon and save my ancestors they are without compare in my experience. they are the BEST, period. i have no idea how to put a price on them....they're priceless." "The sound of the GG cables are true to the music with an unmatched capability to retrieve information and paint a picture of music like no other" "The GG’s keep getting better to my ear.....notably in the midrange presence and overall balance to include instruments and depth of their presentation peripheral to the main event in a more even manner , but more notably in micro detail and dynamics, control of the extended bass and treble and very most notably the transients and extraordinarily extended decay of notes fading slowly into pitch blackness, especially cymbals. With the Gabriel Gold’s the separation of complex harmonics and harmonies is like taking a comb through long, thick, rich and perfectly straight hair without catch or tangle....each hair beautiful on its own, but astounding as a whole. The sum greater than its parts, but each part apparent and appreciated for its contribution. All improvements over the previous version. Unbelievably, these are the very best I have heard. That's the thing about raising bars...they exist in space, time and mind....all of which are infinite and only limited by any one of the three being inaccessible.Limitless potential. I love this cable! Amazing. Bravo. Exuberant applause. Lighters all alight." Thanks for taking the time to view this ad. International payment by Paypal only
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