Gemme AudioTanto V2Gemme Audio Tanto V2 Zebrawood Speakers (3)=========================== ----- DRASTICALLY REDUCED ----- **** MAY ACCEPT LOW OFFER **** =========================== We are moving int...2200.00

Gemme Audio Tanto V2 Zebrawood Speakers (3) [Expired]

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=========================== ----- DRASTICALLY REDUCED ----- **** MAY ACCEPT LOW OFFER **** =========================== We are moving into a smaller house and are thinning out some of our audio gear. These are very full bodied speakers with a nice solid bass under 30hz. They are fairly efficient at 91.5dB 1W/1m. I have used them with a Carissa 845 with 16 watts and a Jadis Orchestra Reference at about 40 watts, both having plenty of power for a midsized room. This sale includes 3 speakers. Two speakers are with the feet and the third does not have them. Two speaker grills are perfect and the third is missing a plastic insert peg. This is not noticeable from the front and has no effect on performance. The speakers are complete with all factory packing .The condition of the speakers is a true Audiogon 9 rating, excellent condition, zero scratches and very light use. This is from our secondary system which had very light use with very good amplification. If you are interested, I will send you a link that shows a video doing a slow, close examination of the speakers. The third speaker is pristine and did not come with feet. The rating of an Audiogon 9 is accurate if tou do not expect feet (which may be swapped with ine of the other speakers or ordered from Gemme). All speakers are indistinguishable from new ones. If you are in the Chicago area, you may come by for an examination and an audition. The retail of the speakers were over $5400 for a pair, $2700 each. My original price was calculated as $2700 x 3 for $8100. Thanks for your interest. Matt
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