GEMME KATANA, DEALER DEMO,PIANO BLACK, WARRANTY!GEMME KATANA, DEALER DEMO, PIANO BLACK, WARRANTY!Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. We have one pair of demo v2 Katana's left in beautiful Piano Black finish! The Katano Loudspeaker from Gemme Aud...4290.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

We have one pair of demo v2 Katana's left in beautiful Piano Black finish!   

The Katano Loudspeaker from Gemme Audio - "It sounds just as good as it looks".

Gemme Katana, black finish - stock photo 

Demo pair Katana V2 in piano black finish, 9/10 condition with a one year manufacturer warranty.  Retail $10,995, sell for $4290. (Note: Katana V3 will retail for approx. $14,500.)

Audio Revelation is an authorized, full line Gemme Audio dealer. 

Testimonials (on all Gemme Audio speakers)

DAGOGO CES Report - Phenix Green Gem: statement pieces

Dagogo magazine CES report by Doug Schroeder reports on the Phenix Green Gem paired with beautiful Angelis Labor gear:

"The speakers and electronics were an unusual combination, but exquisitely satisfying in so many respects. While not for the average home, they are exceptional statement pieces with true character and upscale sound."


The Phenix Green Gem: Wow! says JV!

In its "noteworthy speakers above $20K" report from CES, Jonathan Valin, from The Absolute Sound, reports about the Green Gem: "...the Green Gems wowed me once again on Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me," which sounded extraordinarily natural in timbre and texture. On the percussion workout of "Schlagstücke 5" [Nova], the Green Gems were a little soft on top but very tight and well defined in the bass on piano and timp..."

Full report in The Absolute Sound.



KATANA - New remarkable review from Sweden

HIGHFidelity Magazine in Sweden recently released a terrific review of the Katana.

As our Sweden distributor said: This HIGHfidelity reviewer has an excellent reputation. I read his articles with the attitude: "If he says that something is good - then it is really good!". So I will say that readers who know him will draw the conclusion that Katana is something never heard of before!

One of the review comments: "Katana are absolutely beautiful with genuine piano black finish. The result is comparable with the finish of the outstanding concerto grand pianos made by the Italian company Fazioli."


KATANA gets a thumbs up review from Norway!

The Katana received a rave review in Norway from the well-known Hjemmekino magazine. Here's a translated part of the conclusion:

"Whatever music you like, this is a stunning loudspeaker. It sounds just as good as it looks, and that says a lot!"


German Audiophiles love the KATANA!

Recently Gemme's German distributor, Hifi2die4 presented the Katana at a dealer's place. A customer sent us his comments after the demonstration:

"Nobody should lie and tell me that visual appearance and surface feel don't matter. Sure they do. The Katana is mind-blowing. It's size is huge enough to take it seriously and small enough to have freedom with the best wife on earth. The surface and lacquering is outstanding.

That is exactly what I've always been looking for: Deep -I mean DEEP, dry and punchy bass, a broad natural mid range, crystal clear and spherical high range. All of these attributes in perfect combination, none of them predominate, none of them pesky. All together introduced on a deep and broad soundstage. Especially the deep, natural bass out of only one 7" mid/bass speaker is amazing. It sounds like there was a 15"/1.000 W Subwoofer somewhere. Salute for you and your engineers.

I don't really know what I can say more. It's the best cost ratio speaker I have listened to, it's the sound I was looking for, it's a visual highlight.



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