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Click here to view the Perrotta Consulting webpage to find out more about the products and services we offer

Genesis 5.3 in stock available for audition in Connecticut


The G5 Generation III is the latest generation of the revered 5-Series high-end loudspeakers starting with the Genesis V in 1994. It comes from immaculate pedigree; the second generation G500 was reviewed and recommended by Stereophile, and received numerous accolades from around the world. The third generation G501 was renowned for setting standards in bass performance and musical coherence and the fourth - G5.2 - was featured on the cover of the February 2006 issue of Stereophile.

The new G5 represents a shift in design direction for the company. Careful steps were taken to raise the impedance of the crossover in the frequency ranges most affected on the previous model. A higher impedance crossover network works better with a tube amplifier because the lowest impedance point does not result in reduced output voltage from the amp, and a consequent hollowness in the midrange. With a solid-state amplifier, the higher impedance results in less stress on the power supply, and no hardness in the midrange because of distortion at that point. This was done without resorting to Zobel networks, which would have filtered off some of the musicality and dynamics of the loudspeaker. The higher impedance and new crossover makes it easier for real-world amplifiers to drive. That results in a loudspeaker that will be able to realize its potential when used in any music-lover's system.

The new G5 also features a unique suspension system for the cabinet so that it can be used on the many types of flooring encountered throughout the world - including uneven natural stone tiles, granite and marble floors, deep pile carpet, and suspended wooden floors.

The suspension system is like that of a race car. It has wheels (spikes), the suspension frame, and shock absorbers (decouplers). It isolates the speaker from floor-borne vibrations when used on suspended wooden floors (like the common construction used in the US). It also makes sure that speaker vibrations do not get transmitted into the floor and as a result affect your electronic and source components. The result is cleaner, much tighter bass, a more precise and holographic soundstage, and better imaging in more rooms and installations.

While the G5 is first and foremost a loudspeaker for music, doing duty as part of a home theater system would not embarrass it. It will play to audacious levels, and bass response is full and extended with the built-in 500W servo-controlled bass amplifier and three 8" aluminum cone woofers per channel.

The servo-bass amplifier allows for both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs for LFE - because most home theater systems only have single-ended outputs. The newly designed 8-inch woofers use a stronger motor structure, stiffer frame, and larger suspension to achieve higher SPL's with less distortion. The woofers have a 12% longer throw than the older G5.2 woofers. This results in the three woofers moving as much air as the four woofers in the first generation G-V. As they are also lower-distortion motors, the bass section on the new G5 is better than the bass section of the G-V.

The G5 is a diminutive giant. Other full-range speakers are behemoths - they are taller, wider, deeper, or just plain BIG. The G5 delivers profoundly powerful bass and a huge life-like soundstage in a beautiful, graceful, and physically unobtrusive form. Beautiful high gloss finishes are available to complement the d�cor of any home.

It delivers all music, from the simple to the large and complex, as it was intended at the performance. This is what we mean by absolute fidelity�. The G5 transports the musical performer, be it a soloist or a 100-piece orchestra, into your home for your private enjoyment.

Ernie Fisher, Editor of the The Inner Ear Magazine reviewed the G5.3 in April 2011. Mr. Fisher thought that with large orchestral music, the G5.3 "handled the material with such ease that it was difficult not to believe that I was sitting in a concert hall." The G5.3's allowed him to distinguish an Amati from a Stradivarius,and between Baldwin, Steinway and Bosendorfer grand pianos - saying that "G5.3's can dig up harmonics where they count and in doing so, do not add or subtract to the information."

John Atkinson, Editor of Stereophile Magazine reviewed the previous G5.2 in the February 2006 issue, and gave it the Cover. He enjoyed the G5.2 and recommended it for its "excellent soundstaging, coupled with their generous well-defined low frequencies, uncolored midrange, and overall mellow highs."



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