Gini SystemsLS3/5A/B+Gini Systems LS3/5A/B+ Excellent spkr -Killer reviewCall me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. Call to discuss our low sale pricing.I have a Perfect pair of Black demo speakers with bass stands for $990.00 + freight....1220.00

Gini Systems LS3/5A/B+ Excellent spkr -Killer review [Expired]

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Call me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. Call to discuss our low sale pricing.

I have a Perfect pair of Black demo speakers with bass stands for $990.00 + freight. They are as new with the factory warranty. The photo is brown but mine are the newer black cosmetic.

We are now selling the Gini Systems LS3/5A monitors and matching B+ Bass Stands. This is an excellent monitor and the woofer stand makes them lots better at a wonderful price. Now with black grills for a more contemporary look.

Stereomojo gave the speaker their Maximum Mojo award. They summed up with:
"What exactly do you get with the Gini system? The Gini monitors offer 97-98% of what the current BBC (or BBC styled) selections do in the mid-band and top end, and at a THIRD or less of their asking price. Here is the kicker. Add the B+ Bass Stands into the mix, and you get 100% of what those posh monitors DO NOT offer - bass. Not just bass, but presence and weight to the music, an entirely different listening experience. If I could sum up how well the Gini LS3/5a did I would have to say outstanding. If there are any sins of this little monitor, they are of omission, rather than commission. What they do, they do VERY well. Recommended for small rooms."

"Because of their outstanding performance at a low price point, the GINI LS5/3a with the B+ Bass Cabinets have earned our highest Stereomojo Maximum Mojo Award."

Read the entire review by clicking on the link below.

The basic monitor speaker is a direct copy of the famous British LS3/5A broadcast monitor that sell today for $1500.00-2000.00 a pair. At only $560.00 a pair, for the Gini, they are a superb value. They come in a real wood cabinet and sound great for under $600.00 a pair.

The B+ Bass/Stand addition can be added at anytime for $630.00 a pair. It is what makes the system really special. In addition to adding the missing bass from the small LS3/5A monitor, the crossover in the bass stands is designed to remove the bass peak in the small monitor.

The full system system becomes a real full range speaker package that goes to the mid 30Hz range. This package is superb at this price. Imagine a quality monitor system with stands and woofers for under $1200.00. We know of nothing that will touch it for the price.

Gini Systems LS-3/5A monitors $590/pr
B+ Bass Stands for the LS3/5A $630/pr

We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as money orders. Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call us to discuss this superb speaker value at 770-667-5633.

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