Granite Audio520 Digital Power Cord 5ftGranite Audio 520 Digital Power Cord 5ft New 2012 Product..NIBNEW 2012 Product for the Demanding Audiophile. Model 520 Digital AC Power Cord. The 520 is engineered to give maximum noise reduction on all digital gear while still giving smooth accurate d...780.00

Granite Audio 520 Digital Power Cord 5ft New 2012 Product..NIB [Expired]

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NEW 2012 Product for the Demanding Audiophile. Model 520 Digital AC Power Cord.
The 520 is engineered to give maximum noise reduction on all digital gear while still giving smooth accurate details and fleshing out every note. Rediscover every musical nuance in your digital music library. Hear instruments for the first time that you didn't know were there. The 520 is ideal for digital front end gear such as CD-SACD-DVD players, processors, and Class D power amps. The 520 has pure copper wires and non current limiting dual toroid EMI/RFI noise filtering.

ACTUAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF GRANITE AUDIO POWER CORDS. Don, What a big difference the #555 power cords have made on the Martain Logans Sl-3 speakers. After listening to them over the weekend I've noticed an improvement overall. The speakers sound a lot more powerful, the bass and midrange a lot clearer. Another thing I like, the cords are very flexible which makes it easy to route. Excellent for a heavy cord. I'm looking forward to power my Sims components with your cords. I feel I was very lucky to have found a first class company that cares about their product and customers. I highly recommend your product to everyone or least give Granite a listen. Thank You, B.P. Bloomington, IN. ____________________________________________________________ Dear Mr. Hoglund: Your power cords have made a believer out of me. I am skeptical about the claims cable manufacturers make regarding their products. I have found that their claims are really over-emphasized and what the consumer is really getting is a better looking, better constructed cable, but not necessarily an improvement in sound. While these first two attributes are desirable, if the product doesn't deliver the benefits purported by the manufacturer, the consumer is not really getting their money's worth. I was skeptical about the benefits your power cords would deliver, but decided to try them anyway because I believe that some companies really do make quality products that are worth the money in the performance they deliver. One goes through so many mediocre products to find an exceptional product, and Granite Audio power cords are exceptional products. I was only expecting to get better dynamics from your power cord, but was pleasantly surprised realizing your power cord delivered much more. Dynamics are so smooth and powerful. There is nothing like watching a movie and having the soundtrack or effects go from calm and quite to powerful, devastating, and oh so smooth. Your power cords do really good things to the bass, making this part of the audio spectrum solid and powerful. Owners of Krell, Pass Labs, Boulder, Classe, and other muscle amps would be in sheer heaven with your power cords. Your power cords also have a dramatic impact on the soundstaging ability of my Proceed Amp 2. The sound stage widened and deepened giving me a more 3-D image. This first came apparent when I was originally feeding my cd player directly to my power amp. This type of set up has gotten an undeserved bad reputation in the audio press, but if they could hear your power cord in this type of system, I bet a lot of minds would change. Even with the addition of a high quality tube preamp, which are known to excel in dimensionality, I find your power cord indispensable. As equally as important as the quality of your power cords, Granite Audio is a winner in the customer service department. You have been a pleasure to do business with, really caring about what I thought about your power cords. You make an exceptional product at a fair price and care about your customer. You have a top notch company and should be proud of it. I highly recommend your power cords and doing business with your company. Very truly yours, Michael L. ____________________________________________________________ Don, You are very welcome! My first #560 is plugged into my amp and directly into the wall. The second #560 is plugged into my lead Richard Gray 400s and directly into the wall. All I can say is WOW! Movies and music never sounded so open and relaxed! There is much greater dynamics, and the system sounds so much quieter now. Instead of listening to movies at 74 volume level on my Meridian, I can now listen easily at 70-72. I can also hear greater decay at the end of strings and much more natural sounding voices when listening to music. The #560 has bested all other of my power cords ( and I have had many) in my system. I figure I still have about 2-3 more #560's to go. With a new child on the way I'll be adding them slowly to my system however. Would you recommend a #555 or the #560 for my Meridian preamp? I am currently using a Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler on it. I forgot to tell you about the video improvements the #560 made to my HDTV. Colors are now richer, and there is increased depth to the picture. This is an addition to what the Richard Grays did for my HDTV. Thanks again and regards, Pete _________________________________________________________________ Hi Stephan, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am with the Granite Audio power cord. I received it a couple of days ago (thank you so much for your great and quick service!) and it has proven to be nothing short of a revelation in my system. Until shortly, I have always been satisfied with my Transparent Plus power cords. They were a clear improvement over the standard power cords you get with your equipment and I thought they were the end of my search. However, after plugging the Granite Audio 555 AC cord into my pre-amplifier, I suddenly realized how much of an improvement I could still gain in my system using better power cords. In comparison to the Transparent cord, the 555 makes the sound of my hifi system much more open, deeper and wider with more highs (but none of the harshness), more lows and much more naturalness. It is as if the speakers kind of disappear and the musicians are standing in my listening room. Granite Audio makes a truly GREAT product here which I would truly recommend to everybody looking for a superb power cord. I still have to do some serious saving, but once I have the money I think I will replace all of my Transparent power cords by those from Granite Audio! Thanks again for all of your time and efforts; I appreciate it! Best regards, Rainer _________________________________________________________________ I love the Granite Audio #555. For the money it kills a lot of the more expensive power cords. I've tryed some very expensive power cords. The Granite Audio #555 is my favorite so far and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Bob G. 09-01-00 _________________________________________________________________ Check out the Granite audio #555 power cords they are just super!!! they offer a in home demo program you can try them for 30 days -- bought them from "Quest For Sound" the authorized dealer for granite . HI DILL BOUGHT GRANITE AUDIO 555 8FT POWER CORDS FROM QUEST FOR SOUND-- STEPHEN SOLD THEM TO ME ON A DEMO PROGRAM -- I BOUTHT IT RIGHT AWAY !! AND BOUGHT ONE FOR MY WADIA CD PLAYER >> AS SOON AS I PUT IT ON THE SE-1 THE SOUND STAGE WAS AMAZING ... THE BASS WAS GREAT ..THE SE-1 JUST SEEMED TO WORK WITH EASE !!!All I can say is "wow" just hard to believe what an increased dimension it adds to the overall experience CHECK OUT GRANITE AUDIO FROM STEVE AT QUEST FOR SOUND Sgag123 12-12-00 _________________________________________________________________ Don, You are very welcome! I must stress again that getting this $800 demo PC for $XXX was a steal (outright highway robbery!) for the improvements it made to my entire system, especially as it settles more and more into my system. Hell, even $800 would be a good investment for my Meridian based system! Even my RPTV looks better than before (everything is plugged into the same dedicated power line, as I believe more than one line causes feedback loops and raises the noise floor). This is an extra bonus in addition to what the RGPC's have done for me. So the filtering of the #560 is working across the entire line. I'm now a big believer in unrestricted power flow with the lowest noise floor possible. By the way, I've tried Cardas, Synergistic Research, the Black Mamba, Straight Wire Blue Thunders and Kimber PCs, and the #560 is by far the best I've had in my system! You can also thank Steve Bruzonsky (I think you know him well) for suggesting your cables. I will certainly be getting more of your PCs in the future. Regards, Pete

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