HALCROMC-20 2 ch amp DemoHALCRO MC-20 2 ch amp Demo trades, free layaway, lowest pricewww.HigherFi.com "The Worlds Largest Online Retailer of Hi-End Audio". One never before sold floor demo HALCRO MC-20 two channel amp. Great amp for an even greater price. Trades and free layaw...2990.00

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www.HigherFi.com "The Worlds Largest Online Retailer of Hi-End Audio". One never before sold floor demo HALCRO MC-20 two channel amp. Great amp for an even greater price. Trades and free layaway available. Shipping will be $69 with ins in the cont usa. STEREOPHILE REVIEW: The Halcro Logic MC20 impressed me in almost every way: It's a magnificent-sounding amp. It may indeed be more timbrally neutral than my Lamm tube amps, and it was equally good in the area of image stability and precision, as well as in its ability to put across very-low-level detail—to not only let me hear subtle things that were otherwise buried in a recording, but to present them in a way that made sense alongside everything else, and that, under the best conditions (good music, good mood, good health, etc.), could result in an emotional or even physical response. That's worth noting, given that those performance aspects are already among the Lamm's most notorious strengths. And when it came to poise and lack of strain at the loudest end of the scale, the Halcro's superiority was as obvious as it was welcome.

SPECS: Description: Solid-state two-channel amplifier. Maximum output power: 400Wpc continuous into 4 ohms (23dBW). Input impedance: 10k ohms, unbalanced, 20k ohms balanced. Output impedance: 0.08 ohm at 7kHz. Frequency response: 5Hz–45kHz, –3dB. THD: 0.007% at 1kHz up to 400Wpc, 0.03% at 7kHz up to 400Wpc. Dimensions: 17" (435mm) W by 7" (180mm) H by 16" (410mm) D. Weight: 46.5 lbs (21.1kg). Retail Price: $4990 Yes we will accept all trades. Yes we can provide interest free layaway. Yes we can ship Internationally. ---------------------------------------------- PAYMENT: PayPal and cc add 3%. International buyers must pay with bank wire transfers. Please allow at least 5 days for packing prior to shipping as we may need to coordinate schedules with our out of town customer on this item. All sales are final, no returns. 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