Harman KardonCitation llHarman Kardon Citation ll McShane level 2 plus rebuild!SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD For sale....quite possibly the f...2500.00

Harman Kardon Citation ll McShane level 2 plus rebuild! [Expired]

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SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD For sale....quite possibly the finest Citation 2 you might ever own or hear, I am selling my own personal Citation 2 that has recently undergone a complete restore with all new parts including tube sockets as well as a McShane level 2 plus conversion. Of the more than a dozen or so Citations I have modded and/or rebuilt this one was my choice as a keeper for life and if wasn't for a needed surgery that requires my utmost financial attention it would never be sold for any reason! I began with a decent chassis, excellent working stock unit with great lettering and stripped it down from there. The only thing left in the unit that is not NOS or new is the wiring and the transformers. All new Cinch Jones tube sockets were installed. This in itself is a feat since the correct size for Citations is now almost impossible to find. I've had these waiting for years to do such a job. A complete McShane level 2 plus power supply was installed using his unique grounding scheme as well as his voltage dividing method of converting this amp into 2 separate monobloc amps. The bias resistors have been raised in value to accommodate easier biasing of EH 6550s...also suggested from McShane, but I used 2 watt Allen Bradley resistors instead of the smaller wattage units. Next came the most difficult and most time consuming job...making sure that the 2 boards in the unit were matched as closely as possible. I spent nearly a week sorting each value of resistor on the board through literally hundreds and hundreds of high precision ( and flame proof where possible) Allen Bradley NOS carbon comp resistors to actually hand measure each resistor and match it exactly to it's mate in the adjacent board! Where multiples of a value were used I matched quads of resistors and such so that each board would be not only as close to the exact value called for in the circuit, but also exactly matched to it's counterpart on the opposite board. It was an extremely time consuming process, but well worth the effort. I then installed new Russian K40 paper in oil output coupling caps and Clarity Cap driver coupling caps as well as installing 4.7 Solens on the boards and all new Mil Spec silver mica small value caps. I installed larger speaker terminals, but ones that exactly fit the original holes in the chassis...obviously in doing so something had to go so I eliminated the 4 ohm output by simply disconnecting it inside the unit and putting shrink tubing over it so that if one wanted 4 ohms output in place of either the 8 or 16 it would be a very simple and quick job to do so. The output transformers were painted with several coats of closely matching brown to the original, then clear coated several times. They never had dents in them originally...just scraped paint. They are not perfect...I am not a painter, but I have done a number of them and these are certainly presentable as can be seen in the photos. All new EH6550 output tubes were installed, brand new NOS Sylvania 12BY7s were installed for the voltage amplifiers as McShane suggests and 4 new matching Jans GE 12BY7s were installed in the final 4 tube positions. The tubes were then properly biased. Voltage input limiters were also added from McShane. Finally a brand new bottom and faceplate with feet was installed. Faceplate also from McShane. The results.... a sound so good that it's difficult to even describe. The unit has incredible bass slam when demanded and yet a smooth and silky mid range with highs that go far beyond what you can hear....and all without the slightest hint of distortion or strain. It has a vast sound stage..and a dead "black hole" silence between passages in your music....even with the most efficient in speakers such as the Altec 19's that I use this with. All in all... This is an amplifier that you should never have to do anything with aside from changing tubes and it should last another lifetime like it already has...only with much, much better sound than was ever imagined from the original design of the unit. It's a keeper! Shipping charges on this unit will likely be rather high since I no longer have the packing materials to do it myself, nor at my age of over 66 am I able to sling these around like I used to. I have the units double boxed and a third for tubes done by a professional packer and shipper who has to charge for materials and time in addition to the rising costs of transportation due to gas hikes...not to mention the added costs for full coverage insurance which I always cover my shipments with. I'm guessing it will be in the neighborhood of $100 or so. If it is less then I always refund the difference. I only charge what it costs for me to get it to you...properly done. Thank you for looking and if you end up being the lucky new owner of this unit I'm quite sure that you'll always be happy that you are! Thanks for looking.
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