Hawthorne AudioDuet baffles by WoodsageHawthorne Audio Duet baffles by Woodsage open baffle true dipole design"Boxless bass is best - Once open baffle, never listen to a box again for hearing outside of the box is akin to thinking outside the box."A rare opportunity to own a heirloom quality loudspeaker at...2900.00

Hawthorne Audio Duet baffles by Woodsage open baffle true dipole design [Expired]

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"Boxless bass is best - Once open baffle, never listen to a box again for hearing outside of the box is akin to thinking outside the box."

A rare opportunity to own a heirloom quality loudspeaker at a very reasonable price. Unlike anything you've experienced from a box speaker.

The Duet was created as another addition to the new Hawthorne Audio Reference loudspeaker line which is a joint collaborative effort between wood craftsman extraordinaire Mike Kelly and Hawthorne Audio.

Featuring true artisan woodworking created by wood craftsman extraordinaire Mike Kelly of the Pacific NW whose built loudspeakers for some 20 plus years. Mike has been creating real wood products over 30 years. Created last year, these were Mike's personal pair featuring custom crossover's of the finest parts available.

Each driver is specifically created for open baffle use only.

Each speaker contains:

One 15" midrange driver w/a mounted ported coaxial.

One 15" sub driver known as "the Augie"

Easily driven to more than satisfying levels by a 10 watt SET amplifier. Duet's are low power tube amp friendly at 97dB sensitivity.

Their condition is as new without any cosmetic dings or defects. This pair was created of solid Sapele wood from the hands of a true wood artisan. Mike's baffle designs of real solid wood have absolutely no rival. These were created in a NO VENEER ZONE from Mike Kelly's custom shop.

Each speakers foundation is custom fabricated in the Pacific NW as a functionally artistic foundation required to maximize the performance of each baffle.

Contact seller for anything specific. Full step by step photographic documentation of the entire build process to the eventual buyer.


Custom iron baffle support foundation allowing for adjustable spikes or flat footed floor posts.

Ported rear mid coaxial driver for true dipole operation.

Custom wood crates, one per speaker.

Easily ships fedex freight insured.
*** If the Duet's included the Sterling drivers the asking price would be $4800 not $2900. They're easily upgradeable to the Sterling drivers if one so desires. After experiencing both the Silver Iris and Sterling drivers I determined there wasn't enough of a performance difference to justify an additional $1700 for Sterling drivers. This was in part due to the rear coaxial's receiving a performance improvement modification in this pair that's not stock in the Sterling drivers.

Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.
A trusted A'gon member since '99. Driver specifications: Augies can play comfortably down to 25 Hz Mid driver and Coaxial Specifications: • 15" full-range coaxial • Ideal for full-range, near field and monitoring applications in open baffle configuration • Heavy gauge pressed steel basket • 2" voice coil • Power handling: 150 watts RMS • Impedance: 8 Ohms • System Sensitivity: 95.8 dB 1w/1m • Le: 0.70 • Re: 5.77 Ohms • Qt: 0.91 • Vas: 243.9 liters • Xmax: 3.45mm • Fs: 41.8Hz • Magnet weight: 38ounces • Frequency range: 41.8-18k • Crossover network included • Cut out 13.75" • OD 15.25" 1" throat compression driver Specifications: *Power handling: 50 watts RMS (EIA426B specification, 2.5 kHz @ 18 dB) *Impedance: 8 ohms *Frequency range: 2,500-19,000 Hz *Sensitivity: 103 dB 2.83V/1m *Dimensions: 3.5" dia. x 2.42" depth. 1" exit HF screw-on driver, 1-3/8"-18 TPI Aluminum former with titanium diaphragm Recommended crossover: 2.5 kHz, 18 dB/octave
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