HeadRoomXLR Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA)HeadRoom XLR Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) Headphone AmplifierHeadRoom XLR Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) Headphone Amplifier (PRICE REDUCED) S/N: 06021125502 Bought July/2011, one owner, very little use. Will include original Invoice. International Use...850.00

HeadRoom XLR Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) Headphone Amplifier [Expired]

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HeadRoom XLR Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) Headphone Amplifier (PRICE REDUCED) S/N: 06021125502 Bought July/2011, one owner, very little use. Will include original Invoice. International Use: 115V-230V Astrodyne Power Supply Excellent Cosmetics, just dust on crevices see pictures! Perfect working condition. Includes Everything: unit, International Power Supply, power cord, original box and manual. Will Include shipping CONUS at my asking price. Double Boxed. No PayPal Fee. Thanks! From the internet: Product Features: Delivers the stunning natural clarity of balanced headphone listening. Reference quality state-of-the-art electronics and Class-A biasing. Improves headphone imaging with HeadRoom's famous crossfeed circuit. Gain switch optimizes amp for headphones of different efficiencies. Engineered and built in Bozeman Montana USA What's In The Box: Astrodyne 'international-use' all voltage power supply (worldwide voltage) If simply "great" audio just isn't good enough for your demanding audiophile ears, you'll find yourself wearing a guaranteed ear-to-ear grin with a HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) integrated into your high-end home system or at your desktop computer workstation. The latest descendant from a long line of our flagship HeadRoom 'Balanced Max' and HeadRoom 'BlockHead' amps -- the world's first commercially available balanced-drive headphone amp -- we've now managed to squeeze all that reference audio performance goodness into our smaller Desktop Amp chassis enclosure. This means you can bring an extraordinarily world-class balanced headphone listening experience right into your work-a-day world or your upscale listening room in the smallest dimensions we can muster. The Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp incorporates our best Max electronics modules employing Burr-Brown OPA627 within buffer and summing stages plus a Walter Jung Diamond Buffer-based discrete component output power amp stage lovingly hot-rodded and tweaked by HeadRoom audio engineers. All active amp stages are fully biased into power-hungry Class-A operation, resulting in spectacularly smooth, intensely high-definition natural sound reproduction. The HeadRoom BUDA is able to drive two pairs of regular headphones simultaneously through the front panel 1/4" headphone jacks but, of course, will also drive one pair of balanced headphones via the left/right XLR connections housed in the combo-jacks. A differential (negative/positive) balanced topology electrical design drives both sides of the left / right headphone drivers perfectly simultaneously without need for a common ground plane, providing an astonishing improvement in timbral clarity, dynamic range quickness, and soundstage image depth of field. Balanced amps are definitely all the rage nowadays in the high-end headphone audiophile world and, as befits the company that originally invented headphone balanced-drive with our oversize HeadRoom BlockHead amp over a decade ago, we think we've again pushed the concept into yet another 'Love Supreme' level of sublime musical performance. Features The HeadRoom BUDA sports both balanced XLR and 'single-ended' stereo RCA analog inputs on the rear panel. The RCA input goes through an exclusive HeadRoom-designed internal phase splitter to create the inverted signals ready for balanced XLR output. The BUDA also has 'single-ended' pre-amp RCA outputs on the rear panel with an 'Output Defeat' switch on front panel to control your desktop speaker system, if desired. The BUDA's front panel array also features our famous HeadRoom Crossfeed switch designed to improve headphone imaging and soundstage depth of field plus a detented 3-position (low/medium/high) Gain switch and fine-tuned Alps volume control to ensure the proper degree of control for your preferred listening levels. The free 2-year manufacturer's product warranty covers any & all eventualities and is serviced exclusively through the manufacturer (HeadRoom, that's us!) located in beautiful Bozeman Montana USA since1992. Power Supply The HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp [BUDA] includes the international-use 'all-voltage' Astrodyne Power Supply. However, the superb high-current HeadRoom DPS power supply remains VERY highly recommended for maximized clarity and jaw-dropping audio performance. Specifications: Dimensions: 6 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 3 1/3” Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg) Frequency Response: 10–50k, ±0.3 Amplifier Group: The Desktop Line Balanced: yes Home Use: yes Warranty: 2 Years
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