Heathkit TT-1rebuilt, calibratedHeathkit TT-1 rebuilt, calibrated mutual conductance tube testerOffered is a fully rebuilt electrically, mechanically restored, and calibrated gm/mutual conductance tube tester. Great care has been taken to recondition this tester to a highly reliable state. ...575.00

Heathkit TT-1 rebuilt, calibrated mutual conductance tube tester [Expired]

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Offered is a fully rebuilt electrically, mechanically restored, and calibrated gm/mutual conductance tube tester. Great care has been taken to recondition this tester to a highly reliable state. The parts we use for rebuilding the electronics are top notch premium grade, the best. We measure all resistors and capacitors for true value before we install them. All switches are carefully cleaned (as a note NEVER use de-oxit or similar on any tube tester, you will ruin it's accuracy permanently and shorts will appear on all tubes tested). We then triple calibrate to manufacturers documentation and test against assorted references for verification. Electrically, the tester will last for decades with no further need for part replacement or calibration. Copies of the operation manual and supplement tube data thru 1978 are included. The cosmetic restoration included removing the screws and polishing each one. The deck and knobs all polished. The plastic meter face and roll chart windows were resurfaced to remove all scratches and signs of age. Even the meter itself is removed and completely checked out. The case has many knicks/dings here and there and several good size tears (fabric to recover a case is available) and case hardware shows age. Normally we would recover the case but the back log is to great to put in the time, so we leave it to the new owner. You can test a hugh variety of audio tubes including direct heated triodes such as 2A3, 300B, 10, 45, and many others. Test Pentodes like 6L6, el types, KT types, 7591/7868, etc. Test dual element tubes such as the families of Ecc/12axx types, 6dj8, etc. No need to fear damage to frame grid tubes with the TT1 (many testers will short out frame grids tubes such as 6dj8 types during the testing where there was no short before). It will not test nuvistors, novar, 10 pin miniature or compactrons. The TT-1 can test at a relative high plate voltage with precision bias and a proper applied signal voltage to derive an active gm reading. Shorts and leakage tests are among the best, and a grid current test for power tubes will show low as 2 microamps leakage. Life Test to estimate remaining useful service, independent plate buss, cathode buss, and grid buss each selectable, and full disconnect from the tube. The TT1 has one of the largest sag resistant transformers of any tester. The TT1 is one of the best testers ever made. It is right up there with the best Triplett, Weston, RCA, high-end Hickok 539 series, and Western Electric testers. (we exclude european testers from this list as their magnets degrade with time, example AVO). Your tubes and equipment are an investment. Your tube tester should be one too. How can you know the condition a tube you purchased, if you can't rely on your tester readings? We offer continued support after a sale. We have been in business since 1973. We rebuild, restore, tweak and 'hotrod' tube gear and one specialty is tube testers. We break our necks to do it right, even if the time we put in exceeds what we charge. We just finished rebuilding and calibrating a Triplett 3444A for Joe at Tempo Electric (another service had it for 2 years and couldn't fix it right), or read the last two Audiogon members feedback on their testers. We have been on eBay ( as budngreg ) for over 10 years, 1100 + feedbacks and over 200 repeat customers, and full 5 star rated on all categories. If using Paypal, we will pay the fee.
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