ICEpower125ASX2ICEpower 125ASX2 DIY-Kit & Assembled Mono block 550w amplifier Free ShippingICEpower 125ASX2 module, $220/pc Pricelist of DIY-Kits & Assembled amplifiers, please check attached picture Ghent's DIY-Kits & Assembled amplifiers, are totally new and unused ones, ba...220.00

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ICEpower 125ASX2 module, $220/pc Pricelist of DIY-Kits & Assembled amplifiers, please check attached picture Ghent's DIY-Kits & Assembled amplifiers, are totally new and unused ones, based on Class-D ICEpower 125ASX2 HiFi module, power supply operates globally on 100-120V and 200-240V (We will set it right according to your local votage). . If you have 125ASX2 modules, please choose Case-Kit to assemble all with your 125ASX2 module into completed amplifier; If you have nothing and want to DIY by yourself, please choose Basic-Kit or Pro-Kit, both Kits include 125ASX2 module and above Case-Kit, so that you can enjoy the pleasure during DIY; If you are not familar with DIY, then choose Assembled Amplifiers, you just need enjoy it; We provide very detail "Brief Assembling Guide" to help you to assemble it, or "Brief User Guide" about our assembled amps "The ASX2 Series is based on ICEpower 3rd generation technologies, which take ICEpower® audio performance to the next level. The advancements include extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion, achieved through our novel and proprietary HCOM amplifier topology." "The speaker drive unit is tightly controlled. Load invariance has been improved by high current output stages with an exceptionally low output impedance, which enhances the overall frequency response in all load situations." ==================================================== Main Features of Class D HiFi ICEpower 125ASX2 module ==================================================== Stereo 125w x 2/ch(4Ω), or 65w x 2/ch(8Ω), or 200w x 2/ch(2Ω) Monoblock 550w x 1/ch(4Ω), or 275w x 1/ch(8Ω) ==================================================== Brief about Ghent's amplifiers ==================================================== Please have a visit: (copy & paste): ============================================== Story about Ghent's Module & DIY-Kits ============================================== In year 2011, we have released A000 DIY-Kit (Basic Kit), supported 125ASX2 perfectly, SE mode and BTL (monoblock) via XLR input; RCA-->XLR module In year 2012, we developed RCA-->XLR transformer specific for 125ASX2 module, so that 125ASX2 module could support 3rd mode with it: BTL mode: 550w x 1/ch (4 Ω), via RCA Input Also, our RCA-->XLR module is integrated individually inside case, just get DC24V power-in from 125ASX2 module. This means, you can output XLR signal to other amps while our Kits are running. DIY-Kits (Basic-Kit , Pro-Kit & Case-Kit) Basically, we hope to provide different combinations of modules to meet various requirements of HiFi users, with cost-effective prices and max- flexibility combinations: A100 / A200 / A300 Kits, mean that kit separately include 1pc / 2pcs / 3pcs 125ASX2 modules Basic-Kit and Pro-Kit are all-in-one DIY-Kit, you can assembly all items into completed amp easily, but: Basic-Kit include Case-Kit and only 125ASX2 module Pro-Kit include Case-Kit, 125ASX2 module and RCA-->XLR transformer (also with male-to-female XLR cable, 30mm length) Case-Kit means Aluminum case with all cables, connectors (Binding posts, RCA, XLR), switch, screws..everything except 125ASX2 module. Case-Kits are only for users who already have 125ASX2 modules; ======================================================= Most-Flexibility Combinations, Most-Powerful DIY-Kit ======================================================= Our DIY-Kits are designed specific for 125ASX2 module, and will fulfill most-powerful functions of 125ASX2 perfectly. For example, A200 Pro-Kit is a very compact amp, it support following modes to meet your special requirements (4 Ω): SE mode: 125w x 4/ch BTL mode: 550w x 2/ch, via XLR inputs BTL mode: 550w x 2/ch, via RCA inputs BTL mode: 550w x 2/ch, via 1/ch XLR input + 1/ch RCA input 2.1 HiFi system: 125w x 2/ch (L/R channels) + 550w x 1/ch (Subwoofer) Individual balanced signal provider (1/ch or 2/ch), to other amps So, HiFi users could easily get 2.1, 4,1, 5.1 or even 7.1 HiFi system based on different combinations of our DIY-Kits. ================================================== Prices of DIY-Kits ================================================== 125ASX2 module, is $220/pc, with high-quality cable set, and free shipping via postal air parcel. Regarding prices of all DIY-Kits & assembled amplifiers, please checking the first attached picture to know more ============================================== Some feedbacks about Ghent's DIY-Kits ============================================== They sound absolutely fantastic! I was already familiar with the sound of Icepower 125asx2 in a Rotel amp, but your amps have allowed me to get one on each channel running in BTL mode. Great service, I would highly recommend your amps to anyone wanting great sound for a reasonable cost. Recieved, was well packed, thanks! Ghent is a great guy to do business with. Prompt shipping, good communication and all.. They arrived today, and were very nicely packed. I'm listening to one now. Sounds very promising. Nice looking case! ghentxu, your case looks pretty good... Just ordered 3. sets of A000 with black cases, This looks like a very user friendly DIY set. Looks great - looking forward to recive mine. Money sent for 1 pcs. module, black box with Silver volume knob. Looking forward to see the Postman First package of 3 have arrived. its looking great so fare, cant wait to get it playing. I have received my shipment safe & sound, great kit for the money, thanks Ghent Two cases and one ICE module received. The two packages was not stopped in the tax import office. The cases looks very very very nice! Just ordered 1 set of 125ASX2 + diy suite from Ghent. Looking forward to receiving it soon Received my combo today in great shape...thx Ghent for the excellent service. Hi Ghent, I've received the kit combo some weeks ago, all in perfect condition. I really enjoy it and love the perfect workmanship of the case. Great service and communication. Thanks Ghent. I'm really excited by this solution! My project is to eliminate hum and noise by getting the amp as close to the speaker as possible and using balanced signal cables, so this seems perfect - I have already sent an email to ghentxu asking about the silver cases without volume knob. This sounds all very interesting! I would like to get some Documentary for this as well. Hello Ghent, Thaks I just inform you that my modules have reached my home! Thanks for the nice and fast deal! Hi Ghent, I'm looking forward to modding my current 125asx2 kit to a mono block and ordering a 2nd amp kit for the other mono channel once these are available in 2012! I Can't wait to see the pictures and understand how the rca to XLR board allows this amp to work in BTL mode. I had a frantic few days with Ghent's Kits before Christmas, building my two children Icepower amps.
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