InfinityXXXXX-Rare* Factory Walnut RS-1 !!!!!!!! NEW LOWER PRICE !!!!!!!! *******Please everyone who is responding to the ad with offers or questions, either call me @ 651.246.4395 or email me at ******* *******...7700.00

Infinity XXXXX-Rare* Factory Walnut RS-1 *Only pair made! [Expired]

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!!!!!!!! NEW LOWER PRICE !!!!!!!! *******Please everyone who is responding to the ad with offers or questions, either call me @ 651.246.4395 or email me at ******* *******Audiogon's new system is, shall we say...frustrating at best?!?! No ability to directly contact the buyers makes for poor response over all, so please call me or email me directly, if you are serious.******* ________________________________________________________________________________________ This pair of one-off walnut RS-1 were made by Arnie Nudell, for the late Bill Z. Johnson of Audio Research. We see the word Rare quite often in vintage audio ads. We are convinced that we have something special. Different. Unique. Rare. Often, it seems, these words are used as a selling tool to ‘up’ the interest (and price) of said unit. Sometimes rarity is only regional. Some units are rare because they were universally disliked and never sold well. But on occasion, one does stumble on the truly rare and unknown. These speakers have been in their original shipping boxes for over 25 years. Sitting. Waiting to be played. The walnut is perfect. The drivers are perfect. The surrounds are luckily rubber so they are perfect as well. Even the boxes are nearly perfect. I've been told they were used in an Audio Research photo ad years ago, but I've not been able to locate the ad. I brought them to an audio get-together last summer. I un-boxed and auditioned them for myself and many others at the get-together. The following is an account of the day, as well as comments from others club members that attended the event: Audition Thread and Pictures Here (please read the complete thread and you will see many high-resolution pictures) I can supply many more high-resolution pictures as well. These will not be cheap. At all. would truly have a pair of lifetime speakers, as well as the rarest Infinities on the planet. I'm willing to look at trades of similar value (if shipping is viable). I'm pretty set on gear, but could be persuaded by the right amp, or possibly a different set of speakers that I can fit in my room, possibly something non-audio related. The Infinities are wonderful, but I don't have the room for 4-column dipoles. You want a truly rare, collector's speaker that sounds as beautiful as it looks? Here it is. Their excellent-condition OEM shipping boxes should keep things safe if these are properly palletized. They would ship in 3 separate (OEM) boxes, each weighing apprx 150lbs each. The system will ship on a 4'x6' pallet with shipping weight around (under) 500lbs. I can help/suggest freight shippers for US delivery that should be under $500 to a commercial loading dock. The drivers are all as-new and working. Emims and emits do not have the common 'waves' in the membrane from over-playing. This set also comes with a NOS (new) RS-1 woofer and a NOS (new) Emim. No worries about any future driver issues, as you will have a NOS replacement waiting. The OEM RS-1 crossover/servo is also included. The system works as it should. Wonderfully. After looking carefully over the speakers, the only defect I found was a single 1/8" veneer chip on the rear corner of one bass cabinet. It is difficult to see, but full disclosure. I could find no other scratches or defects anywhere. I am happy give full information regarding the speakers, to any serious buyer. Also, I've rated them 8/10. Their age dictates (in my mind) an 8/10. But as they've been stored in a climate controlled environment in their boxes for most of their lives, I believe a 9/10 rating is probably how most a-gon'ers would rate these. They are that nice. ***If you need amplification for these speakers, I am willing to sell my Mesa Baron and CJ Premier 8 mono blocks.
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