Integra ResearchRDA-7 & RDC-7Integra Research RDA-7 & RDC-7 7-channel amplifier & ProcessorThis is an offering for an Integra Research RDA-7 7-channel amplifier and matching RDC-7. porschecabATcomcastDOTnet is my email address. Please direct any question there - not through the CONTAC...1700.00
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Integra Research RDA-7 & RDC-7 7-channel amplifier & Processor [Expired]

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This is an offering for an Integra Research RDA-7 7-channel amplifier and matching RDC-7.

porschecabATcomcastDOTnet is my email address. Please direct any question there - not through the CONTACT MEMBER BUTTON here - I need to be able to keep records of emails back and forth. As you can tell, there are some cosmetic "dings" but nothing substantial.  As well, one pair of speaker binding posts have been replaced.  They do not match the others, but are fully functional.

Integra Research has introduced the World's first seven-channel home theater power amplifier with THX Ultra certification.  This remarkable component was designed to offer exceptional performance for state-of-the-art home theaters and high-end music systems.  To accomplish this, Integra Research turned to Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) of Wilmington, Delaware, and its co-founder and chief designer, Victor Khomenko. Founded in 1995, Balanced Audio Technology has rapidly established for itself an enviable and difficult-to-achieve position in the competitive high-end audio world, and is known in the industry for producing a high-end line of superbly engineered, meticulously crafted audio products that recreate music with unmatched fidelity and accuracy.  Its success is the result of its clear mission: to reproduce music faithfully and precisely, with arresting presence and without extraneous coloration.  Their trademark audio designs feature uncommonly robust power supplies, coupled with elegantly straightforward signal paths. 

This combination is evident in the BAT-designed Integra Research RDA-7 amplifier. It boasts over 600 joules of energy storage in a beautifully direct, low-feedback, symmetrical circuit with only three gain stages, WRAT Wide Range Amplifier Technology, as well as professional grade balanced inputs and outputs.  The amplifier is rated at 160 Watts per channel into 6 Ohms, and 130 Watts into 8 Ohms.  To accurately reproduce source signals from equipment using new digital formats such as DVD-Audio, an amplifier is required to have a flat frequency response that extends to 100 kHz.  While achieving this bandwidth figure presents no particular problem on its own, doing so while maintaining excellent characteristics for other critical performance criteria is a serious design challenge, particularly with regard to the dynamic signal-to-noise ratio.  Integra Research 's solution to this issue is a set of three refinements in amplifier circuit design that we collectively refer to as WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology).  The first goal was to reduce the amount of negative feedback (NFB) to an absolute minimum and thereby eliminate the effects of counter electromagnetic force from the speakers.  The second was to eliminate fluctuations in ground potential through careful layout of the components and by designing the printed circuit boards to avoid open earth loops.  The third was to improve the ability of the amplifier to supply high levels of instantaneous current to the load.

 The RDA-7 architecture is completely based on bipolar transistors and achieves a bandwidth of over 200 kHz. BAT determined that this was the most direct and efficient way of achieving the robust performance required for home theater application.  Another important design goal for the RDA-7 was to provide balanced inputs.  Indeed, within high-end audio, balanced signal transmission has become the de-facto standard for achieving the finest sound reproduction.  As the complexity of a system increases, the benefits of balanced signal transmission are even more apparent. Not only does balanced signal transmission provide audibly superior performance, but problems associated with spurious hum/buzz components are usually eliminated.  Of course, for ultimate system versatility, it also has RCA inputs with the input type being user selectable on each individual channel.  THX Ultra certification ensures that the RDA-7 meets LucasFilm's rigorous requirements for the reproduction of the full theater experience at home.  This made the development of the RDA-7 even more challenging. Usually, a large amount of feedback is necessary to meet the THX requirement for low distortion.  Integra Research took the more difficult approach of simplifying the circuit path of the RDA-7 using minimum feedback, while still offering full compliance to the THX specifications.  Balanced Audio Technology worked very closely with the engineering team of Onkyo's Integra Research division to ensure that the RDA-7 would meet the highest standards for industrial design.  Internally, it has the BAT trademark execution with a perfectly symmetrical layout.  Every item is positioned in a way that contributes to a design of stunning internal beauty. Externally, the RDA-7 reflects impeccable industrial design.

Local pick up acceptable - or contact me if shipping is required. This would require UPS Store packaging of about $50. Shipping would end up being a box of about 120lbs, 33x25x25 and ship from 94403. Run these figures on The RDC-7 is in fine shape, original remote - fabulous pair.
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