AMADI CABLES.MADDIE Sig. 3ft Pure silverAMADI CABLES. MADDIE Sig. 3ft Pure silver Bullet plug . BEST." Happy Thanksgiving Guys. " Holiday price, Here is my well praised MADDIE Sig . Upgraded with pure silver bullet plug not silver plated. This pure silver connectors has taken these wonderful ...425.00

AMADI CABLES. MADDIE Sig. 3ft Pure silver Bullet plug . BEST. [Expired]

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" Happy Thanksgiving Guys. " Holiday price, Here is my well praised MADDIE Sig . Upgraded with pure silver bullet plug not silver plated. This pure silver connectors has taken these wonderful Maddie sig, to another level . 1m long . I also have 4ft long avaliable which will be different price. inquire first . I could let interested person buy both for a good discount. .These cable have featured in so many shows. Got very good praised .Compare these cables to any of your $1500 - $2500 cables . Listen to it and judge it yourself. My cables are well refined occ solid core silver conductors period. Please buy with confident and check out some of the feed backs/reviews on Audiogon. under discussion forum . MADDIE Sig. -: consist of multiple individually separated pure solid silver wire . Yes, I said multiple solid silver specially made for me. You would not believe what these cable dose unless you try it yourself. This cable let the music flow unrestricted. It let you here what your system could do in terms of music . Also what you have been missing. Hand crafted here in USA with the best silver conductor avaliable today. Extra large diameter air teflon tubing were used with constant air twist geometry found in all my cables. Sound. : This cable has smooth extended highs , very fast in transit too . Sound stage is wide , dynamic with tight bass reproduction. You will not believe the kind of solid bass that these cable reproduce. I guaranty you will be smiling and happy when you first plug in these cable in your system . You have noting to loose because if you don't like what you hear , return it for a refund period. Good luck. Email me if you have any questions. buyer pays USPS priority mail flat rate of $13.85. Here are some comments below from people who tried my cables. Method of payment are ...... Money order, Paypal with fees or Personal checks. Personal checks must clear before shipping any items. Thanks. AMADI CABLES. Maddie Sig. are the real deal. They present a wonderful soundscapes and realistic view into the soul of a recording whether instrumental or vocal , the perfomers have a reach out and touch me quality that raises the listeners " goose bump factor " when engage . As Philip advertises , if these cable don't take your system to another level , return for your money back. Not to worry Philip, I 'II be keeping mine. ;) ;) ;) Prcjr Quality AMADI XLR cable. Fast delivery to down under . Thanks Philip. Hicham. Further improvement rendered to my listening experience by adding a second set of Maddie Sig. cable to my system. I look forward to buying Philip's other quality products . thanks for great customer services and high quality cables that as you rightfully claim " as a give away " Prcjr. Hi Philip. I have spent the past years listening , swapping and listening some more to interconnect cables . It is a compliment that I have now stopped all of that with your MADDIES in place . I exclaimed to myself . '' Ahh, at last '' and expressed a soft smile as I retired to my listening couch . The MADDIES were the final piece to my puzzles . They are perfect for me. Many thanks. Lynn davison... Philip. The MADDIE signatures cables are excellent '' They are an amazing value . Their sound is in a class with no others near this price point. Philip is very promt and great to deal with . My highest recomendation. Thanks . Thriftyray.... In the last couple of years I 've tried many cables all of which i returned due to not enough improvement for the money spent . I am keeping the PHIL. reference. Amazing sound improvement for the price. Highly recomended to demo in your system. JOEL 11. Hi Philip, The cables are great . I have a new pair of cardas clear lights and I 'm selling those because yours sound much better. Thanks. Marc. Dealing with Philip was an excellent experience . He delivered as said and was very fair person to deal with.