AubresWhite Silver Python Silver plated headsAubres White Silver Python Silver plated heads 3Ft Pairs, INTRO PRICE, HUGE OPPOTUNITIESINTRO PRICE, Very LIMITED AMOUNT You are purchasing a pair of Ultra high quality USA made stranded silver plated to 8AWG coaxial RCA interconnects cable, Triple shielded. 0.432" in diameter. ...104.00

Aubres White Silver Python Silver plated heads 3Ft Pairs, INTRO PRICE, HUGE OPPOTUNITIES [Template]

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INTRO PRICE, Very LIMITED AMOUNT You are purchasing a pair of Ultra high quality USA made stranded silver plated to 8AWG coaxial RCA interconnects cable, Triple shielded. 0.432" in diameter. AUBRES TruSi RCA interconnect Cable. ( Big Silver Python ) Pricing is Silver plated heads 3Ft pair or shorter pairs at $100 dollars. Price will increase by $100 for every 5 pairs sold! Limited one pair per person. Sold: 1 yan wen 2 olephant Pure silver RCA connectors add $60 dollars, more than 3ft pair we charge $100 for extra 1Ft extension. This cable is selected to make and comparable to high end audiophile cables in the market, measure the length carefully and leave reasonable extra room for bending that will fit your needs. I recommended 10 inch clearance behind the equipment. The nominal Bend Radius: 2.26 in, you do have to pre-bend to conform this cable with a cylindrical tubing or rope pully or turntable weight to distress the tensile strength and then connect to your equipment. If you bend the tip there is a easy fix, use a Nail or pin insert into the pin hole and bend it back. If you break your RCA connector of your gear, don't blame us, This cable is not very flexible, I had told you. World First, Absolutely one of a kind, 20+ yr experienced electrical engineer from California assembled this with high quality tool, silver solder. Custom modified PURE silver RCA Connectors to fit its size, the mounting procedure is designed to allow maximum conductor link contact and maximize the core shielding involvement even inside the RCA plugs. all of these made your music truly sounding. Beautiful silver tone interconnects on the market. Why spending $8000 on a smaller gauge esoteric or tranparent interconnects? you are only spending a fraction of cost which can make your system truly sound. True value for the the following are the key characteristics I composed for marketing Let's talk about the physics, silver plated conducts are top choice for all the electronic signals, decentralized electrons floating and moving at the outer layer of the metal conducts, and silver is the one of the most electron conductive metal. Why choosing plated not pure silver conductors, because pure silver is very expensive and does not physically increase your conductor surface area or conductivity. No manufacturer will make 8AWG pure silver core coaxial cable, the cost will be hilarious. Our cable is carefully chosen USA billion dollar worth company made high quality cable, 8AWG is a little more than 3mm and is the same size of the RCA center pin, when hooked up with the pure silver RCA head, the conductivity is truly maximized. The dielectrics is made from heavily layer Teflon insulated dielectric. Teflon is smooth and significantly reduce the friction while electron is moving and vibrating. adding damper, flexibility. Thicker layered Teflon also increased the distance between the center core to the outer shielding, reduce vibration, so the emerging interference signal from the shielding materials, or music vibration is difficult to reach the center core. Signal Cables in the audiophile system can be think of a TV or radio antenna, signal strength is very low, any EMI/EFI enviroment can disturb the signal. Some people are complaining about their cable has low dynamic range or not airy, will not revealing the details, not only you need a large center core coax to transfer the signal, you will also need to shield the cable core as much as possible to achieving a maximum audio signal quality, In such a way you can reveal the most details signals transmitted from the pre to the power amplifier. US military grade coaxial cables typically utilize one or two silver plated layer to shield their signal cable depending on the application, This cable we picked has three layers silver plated shielding materials. Resulting >90db shielding effectiveness, what is a 90db effectiveness in electornics world? for example, 90db is about a train whistle at 500' and you shield the noise to absolutely nothing. Three layers of shielding highly reduced EMI/RFI signal in the environment and provides excellent noise immunity. Overall this cable has the highest signal transfer performance while still maintaining reasonable flexible to most audiophile systems and at weight 0.19lb per Ft. 0.38lb per ft/pair Resistance specification: 0.67 Ohms/1000 ft which means a typical 3ft rca interconnects you are only introduce 0.002 ohm in the interconnect resistance. Physics do matters in audiophile world, we are not talking about coaxial Independence resistance, we are talking about the actual overall electronics signal resistance, smaller signal requires thicker cable, why, because when electron moves inside the cable, it will experience resistance, this resistance will turn into heat, and electron will fail to move from this side to the other, we want to minimize this resistance, so smaller signals requires more conducting surface to achieve a high success rate to travel from the source to the target. longer cable also requires thicker conductor, The longer the cable, the less chance small signal can arrive between the source to the target. we choose 8awg conductors is because it not only achieve a low signal resistance and achieving a reasonable flexibility to fit for a typical audiophile system. Attenuation: 1.3 dB/100 ft at 3Ft length, you only attenuate 0.04 db attenuation from the preamplifier to the power amplifier. your preamp can breath better and extract the maximum juice to feed your power amplifier. Conductor: 8 AWG stranded silver-plated copper Dielectric: High temperature fluoropolymer Shield 1: Flat silver-plated copper braid Shield 2: Aluminum foil Shield 3: 36 AWG silver-plated copper braid Jacket: Clear high temperature fluoropolymer which allows you to see the braided silver tones. It shines so beautifully and matches your audiophile system under the room lights. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Outer Diameter: 0.452 in. nominal Bend Radius: 2.26 in. nominal Weight: 19 lbs/100 ft. nominal Temperature Range: -55° to +200°C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Impedance: 50.0 Ohms nominal Capacitance: 25.5 pF/ft. nominal DC Resistance: 0.67 Ohms/1000 ft. nominal Time Delay: 1.25 ns/ft. nominal Velocity of Propagation: 81% nominal Shield Effectiveness: >90 dB Attenuation: 1.3 dB/100 ft. @ 150 MHz (nominal) 3.6 dB/100 ft. @ 1000 MHz 4.6 dB/100 ft. @ 1600 MHz 6.5 dB/100 ft. @ 2400 MHz 8.5 dB/100 ft. @ 5000 MHz We bought 1000ft at cheap price, and We will buy more of such cable at more expensive prices if available. and we will sell to friends or future customers to make PROFITS for happy hour meals, for travel, for friends gathering. Aubres 8AWG cable is MY Design, My Idea I brought up the concept and Jack hand crafted in his garage in weekends with his personal time and we liked it a lot. We want to share this excitement to friends and audiophiles. we showed this cable to most of our friends on 8/30/2016. Jack and I would happy to tell everything who wants to built their own ones or want to know how. We want to hear from you how the thick gauge interconnects will or may affects your listening experiences. Jack and I will enjoy any profit made from whoever bought this cable. We accept donations of heat shrink tube or printed heat shrink tube at this moment to make our cables looks even better, and everyone who contribute to our products comments donations will be officially acknowledged at official website and future cable developments. 1. Cables: Carlisle 8AWG model 310801, extraordinary high quality cable market price is $53 dollars a foot used in aviation industries, We bought 1000 sq ft at very low price which we decided never tell anybody how much we paid, including friends. If you are smart and do your google or eBay search you might be figure how much we paid but don't compliant because we don't care. We did provide this opportunities to sell to our audiophile friends at $100 dollars assembled cable. limited quantity, did we make profit? You figure, I can't figure out. 2. Connectors: Star patterned RCA connectors, eBay has tons of these, pure silver or silver plated, it's not expensive or not cheap depending on who thought of it. We did drill and enlarge this entry hole to fit this cable 3. Connections: Jack knows how to do it and we will happy to talk email text and share every details to audiophile enthusiastic at absolutely no cost, if anyone would like to know, it's not a secret! This cable name is Aubres and may not be pronounce so smooth but i will never change the name and it is our original design, so as Schiit DAC which is my favorite digital source. Q&A When can I receive it? I don't know depending on the jack's weekend schedule and our parts availability at this moment, he will work on the cable assembly, it may take up to half month to order parts and make so be patient. I will keep you updated. if you can't wait buy the parts from ebay and assemble your own and I will teach you how. Can I buy these parts make my own or sell it? Of course you can, we really don't care being copied, we would love to see more thick gauge RCA cable available on the market. Even without selling this cable, we will still be working and contribute to our full time job. Whats the actual price of this RCA interconnects? I don't know, the price will go up for sure, start from $100 and price may go up to who knows.... if people likes it, and we can't make enough the price will go higher, just like JBL 43 LS3/5 speakers, but we will definitely keep the price reasonable until ... maybe harman kardon hire us. Can I hear a difference compares to other cables? I can hear differences, but I am not sure if you can. depending on everyone's hearing capability.
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