Audio Metallurgy 1 m Ag-0 ic'sOur fantastic Zero's in silver! Audio Metallurgy has been designing and manufacturing our own line of quality audio cables since 2003. To check out more items in our line, browse our website .Our Fantastic Zero Cable The Ag-0 Int...149.00

Audio Metallurgy 1 m Ag-0 ic's Our fantastic Zero's in silver! Choose your terminations! [Expired]

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Audio Metallurgy
has been designing and manufacturing our own line of quality audio cables since 2003. To check out more items in our line, browse our website .

Our Fantastic Zero Cable

The Ag-0 Interconnect

Our popular GA-0 Interconnect - in a Silver version!

This auction is for our newest version of our incredible Zero cable…the Ag-0 interconnects.>

Here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about his Ag-0 cable in a test against his GA-0 cables "I have my original GA-0 on one input, and the new AG-0 on another input on my integrated amp. Via remote, the inputs virtually switch in a nano second. Its so fast, your brain cannot pick it up! My CD player has 2 sets of analog outputs that made it just perfect for comparing the two cables. I've listened to both of the cables for many hours. While A/B testing, you can clearly hear that both cables have identical characteristics and the differences you hear are strictly the differences in the wire itself. Up until now, the GA-0 was my favorite cable. After much listening, the AG-0 is now my new favorite! This is what I have concluded. The AG-0 is a bit more resolute, clearer, and my favorite attribute is that its much more transparent. Its truly another great cable.".

If you do not think it is one of the best cables you have ever heard, we will refund your $$$$, no questions asked! (Within 30 days of purchase, less shipping & handling.) This cable starts with 2 single runs (3 for the balanced version) of our silver plated OFHC copper wire, sandwiched between 2 identical, flexible, medium strength magnets! There is no insulation of any kind on either run, and nothing seperating them but air. The only contact made with the wires is a small amount of adhesive holding the wires in place during assembly and a small cross section of the magnets. This is a very complex design that requires no batteries, capacitors or resistors to achieve a perfect signal flow. As the current passes through the signal wires in the middle of the magnets, it creates it's own electrical magnetic field surrounding the wires transferring the signal. This field is the perfect shield that really has almost no interaction with the signal (not true with active...think batteries...shield).

We have had an incredible response to our GA-0 interconnects. This is our newest version for those of you who like silver.

Don't let the price fool you!

We think you will be amazed by the performance of these wonderful cables.

They are a little less flexible than your typical ic's generally are, so consider that when deciding on your length. We will not accept cables that have been damaged or tampered with for a refund.

This set will be terminated with Neutrik silver plated XLR connectors OR LOK™ Silver Performance Series Locking Barrel RCA connectors. We are also excited to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your RCA connectors to the latest addition to the WBT line...the Nextgen™ (Signature) RCA plug. The heart of the Nextgen™ (Signature) design is the central contact unit built from the plus and minus conductors. The positive contact features a split pin design to maximize contact, while the conductor material is made of pure silver and plated in platinum to ensure the purest level of conductivity. The two-piece clamping sleeve features Ultramid® dielectric and a central contact unit that can be removed for easy installation. The outer clamping barrel has an inner and outer anodized ceramic surface and also offers effective EMC shielding. You can upgrade to the Signature Nextgen for an additional $350 (on top of the winning bid price). You may view more information about the WBT connectors by clicking on our website link above. Returns on cables with upgraded ends are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

We are a full line WBT, Furutech & Vampire Wire dealer. Please contact us for any of your product needs from these excellent lines.


You are bidding on: 1 pair of 1 meter Ag-0 interconnects terminated with Neutrik silver plated XLR connectors OR LOK™ Silver Performance Series Locking Barrel RCA's. You may also upgrade your RCA ends to the WBT Nextgen Signature connector for an additional $350.

Shipping to a US address will be $12, to Canada is $32 & to an International address will be $36 (USPS Global Express Mail only), UPS will be much higher. We appreciate prompt communications & timely payment from all of our valued auction winners. Please contact us directly at to finalize the auction if you are the winner, thank you!

Please be aware that our cables are made specifically for you after the auction ends to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. We do not stock these on a shelf, waiting to be shipped. You must understand that your order will have to make it through Production before it is sent out. We do our very best to get them out as quickly as possible after we know your choice of terminations.

Good luck & have fun bidding!

Here is what another satisfied customer had to say about his Ag-0 cable "After some years in pursuit of the perfect sound I have tried a few audiocables in my system. Both expensive and cheap cables have been tried in the system. I have tried Wireworld Gold Eclipse, Nordost Vallhalla, Zensati #1 and Acoustic Zen Absolute to mention some of the top names. But never have a come across a cable like Audio Metallurgy Ag-0. Just the perfect cable for my system. For the price this is an absolute no brainer.".

Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, & American Express, but, due to certain limitations from our credit card processor, we reserve the right to only accept credit cards from those countries acceptable to our processor. This is due to internet credit card fraud precautions & we have no control over these limitations. If you are a buyer from anywhere other than the US, & you desire to pay by credit card, we will have to get approval before we can guarantee acceptance. You can always pay by credit card via PayPal. Thank you!

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