Cerious TechnologiesGraphene ExtremenewCerious Technologies Graphene Extreme 1M InterconnectPlease check out our updated website for more information! The Graphene Extreme is finished and we could not be happier with the results. For sale today is one 1 Meter Graphene Extreme interconnect...499.00

Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme 1M Interconnect [Expired]

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Please check out our updated website for more information! The Graphene Extreme is finished and we could not be happier with the results. For sale today is one 1 Meter Graphene Extreme interconnect cable in either Single Ended or Balanced configurations. Each Graphene Extreme interconnect cable utilizes Graphene Extreme conductor technology. Every GE conductor is handmade to length. The conductors in our interconnect employ over 50,000 individual conductors. This ultra fine conductor enables the cable to operate linearly well into the gigahertz while being non-magnetic like other metal based cables. This eliminates ringing and the “bounce” that occurs from normal terminations We offer a 100% money back guarantee and a liberal trade in policy if you are a previous Cerious Technologies client. You may be surprised how affordable it is to upgrade to the Graphene Extreme. So what do you get with the Graphene Extreme? Deeper soundstage, more detail and quieter backgrounds. Who doesn’t want that?
Our goal of creating the most sonically transparent cables ever created has been brought to a new level. First let me say we continue to be very proud of the Nano Signature, as it was sonically outstanding. The Graphene Extreme takes the concepts of the Nano to whole other levels. While other "wire" companies utilize bigger gauge conductors as the line increases in price to justify the increased cost, Cerious Technologies works at the molecular level getting the conductor closer to an ideal conductor.
Each Graphene Extreme conductor employs five elements –
• Copper
• Silver
• Carbon Fiber
• Liquid Ceramic
• Graphene sub-Nano particles of our own manufacture.
Each of these elements brings a unique characteristic to the table. Designers have long understood that multiple fine gauges of wire offers improved high frequency sonics. Limited to wire based cables you may be able to fit 19 strands into a conductor. Each Graphene Extreme IC conductor has over 50,000 strands! The key element is tying all these components into one coherent conductor. This is what separates the Graphene Extreme from the Nano Signature. Sub-Nano particles of carbon are suspended in our proprietary Liquid Ceramic and saturated into the conductor bundle. The Teflon tube is then shrunk to compress these particles into every gap between components forming one solid coherent conductor.
What does this get you sonically? We all are attracted to the purity and coherence of single driver loudspeakers, but are frustrated by their inherent limitations. Multi-driver loudspeakers get you everything else but lose the magic. The same applies to cables. The closer you get to a conductor that acts as one single conductor the more transparent it becomes. Solid core cables have exposed this but are limited the same way single driver loudspeakers are. The Graphene Extreme gets closer to the behavior of a single conductor than any other cable ever produced. The sonics achieved are complete and utter transparency. It simply is not there. Isn’t that what we want in a cable? Please check out our other cables in the Graphene Extreme line and thank you checking us out!

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