Darwin Cable CompanyMindblowing Truth II Interconnects...Darwin Cable Company Mindblowing Truth II Interconnects... PUT $ IN YOUR POCKET! Sell your expensive cables!What if you could take those crazy-expensive audio cables out of your system, replace them with Darwin Cables, dramatically improve performance, resell your cables AND make a profit? Lots of people...895.00

Darwin Cable Company Mindblowing Truth II Interconnects... PUT $ IN YOUR POCKET! Sell your expensive cables! [Expired]

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What if you could take those crazy-expensive audio cables out of your system, replace them with Darwin Cables, dramatically improve performance, resell your cables AND make a profit? Lots of people do. Industry insiders—manufacturers, distributors, audio dealers, reviewers—we do business with them all because there is no better value in audio. Darwin Cables consistently replace cables costing 3-15 times the price.

No tricks. No smoke. Just the most effective, pure and transformational signal in the business. Guaranteed by Darwin's Peace of Mind No Risk Money Back policy. You've got 30 days—but you'll  know much sooner than that what you've got. 

You've got everything to gain—vastly improved sound and extra money in your pocket. And nothing to lose. 

Test pilots call it “pushing the envelope” when they try to find the absolute pinnacle of performance. That's the attitude we have always taken, pushing the perimeters of the original design from impossible to improbable to an amazing sonic step forward.

No other cable company approaches the process the way Darwin Cable Company does. We're small, nimble, and fiercely independent when it comes to defying “the book” or “convention.” In a very evolutionary process, we created our heralded original Darwin Silver Cable from the ground up, carefully listening to what each aspect of the build added or detracted. No detail went unexamined, from silver solder to Teflon sleeving.

One of the biggest sonic setbacks we discovered with “conventional” cables was the dramatic, negative impact of burying conductors in substandard materials. The best dielectric? None at all, thus emerged the Darwin air-dielectric design, using the finest silver in precise gauges sourced from three different continents. 

A key to the Darwin Difference is the attention paid to the specific gauge and purity of the wire. Silver is 7% more conductive than copper. In any contest would you consider giving up that kind of advantage, let alone in audio, where a percentage point of improvement comes at such a dear cost? 

We are regularly asked for specifics regarding our design, most often wire gauge. Our lips our sealed except to say conventional thinking is misguided and many cables are plagued by skin effect. The human ear and brain are remarkably sensitive to skin-effect brought on by improper wire gauge, resulting in mistimed high frequencies and listener fatigue. 

Not so with Darwin Cables. They are addictive. You want to listen more. The good news is your significant other will want to listen more, too. Promise. By understanding, by listening, we know just how far we can push the envelope. Art meets science. Frankly, most companies just play it safe and roll whatever length they need off the spool in one size fits all fashion.

Here's some typical feedback:

"I have Jazz at the Pawnshop playing on the McIntosh system right now. It's on Double 2x 128 DSD out of the new McIntosh D150, it is also playing on SACD out of McIntosh new 450t transport and the turntable has a very good older recording of it playing as well. All simultaneously. I just took the ($15,000 MSRP) Nordost Odin XLR out between the DAC and the preamp, replaced it with your Darwin Truth. 

 The Truth sound stage is deeper. There is clearly more natural placement of each player on the stage with more natural air around each person. I have seen photos of the real event so I can see what the real stage looked like. Your cables are more correct and wayyyy more organic. The Odin magnified the digital source to my ears, meaning it made it sound more mathematical which Is not a good thing on ultra high resolution files in my book. To me, it sounds more natural all the way around, in the ways that matter to me, than my friend's mega buck system. I'm talking outrageous money. 

 The RCA Truth are amazing and so are the XLRs! I've never heard this recording give me the organic detail during the solo that allowed me to place each drum being hit as if I was stand right I front of, I could place each drum inches apart as he rolled across his set. Even hitting different parts of the same skin were identifiable.

 Extreme detail all organic all while not artificially affecting the stage or placement of other players. That my friend is hard to do! Bravo! Best I've heard and this system loves Truth! Having both XLRs in the system makes an even bigger gap between your competition. Since my DAC has the Truth running to the preamp and the preamp to the amp is also a Darwin Truth I noticed even more detail and depth. Amazing products, my friend! There is nothing in the way to cloud the actual capabilities of the Truths. I'm all Darwin now, and it truly is the best I have heard! —Scott Ringle— Former industry distributor, GA

 Look, there's nothing wrong with driving something off the assembly line. It's affordable and serviceable, but the finest vehicles are custom built. No worries. Our blue collar roots have led us to price our handcrafted cables at assembly line prices. Our price to performance ratio is off the charts. Enjoy a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Peace of Mind Guarantee. Always offered. Rarely exercised. 

Chief Developer Bill Magerman comes from the Low Mass School of Thought that focuses on minimal mass, excellent metallurgy and conductivity. By minimizing electrical eddies and anomalies present in clunky, heavy “audio jewelery” style terminations, performance soars. Darwin Cable Company tested many terminations including expensive, brand names, few of which lived up to reputation. We ultimately found a manufacturer able to customize the precise single-ended terminations we needed for our design. Magerman developed a proprietary (painstaking and labor intensive) low-dielectric process to complete the build. 

This is a cable a machine can't build. 

When it comes to interconnects, low capacitance is the one measurement most manufacturers will concede is critical. At 7.2 pF, we know of none lower than the Darwin Truth II. Compare that to the $15,000 Nordost Odin at 19.0 pF. The higher the number, the more energy the cable stores and releases in an unscheduled manner, diminishing the listening experience. We can say with conviction that we deliver the most pristine signal in the business. 

In our quest for the most perfect signal attainable, we employ cryogenics to take signal integrity to the next level. Our Truth II wire and terminations get NASA-quality computer-controlled cryogenics that stunned us when we first heard the results. You get a quieter cable, infinite micro detail and startling attack and decay. All that in a very real, organic, completely natural way—as if you were inside the instrument being played. 

The Truth II emerged from this process with ability to extract an unprecedented amount of detail from the music with more air while retaining the massive soundstage, liquidity and punch of the original. 

Every Darwin Cable is designed for neutrality and transparency. By doing so, we fling the sonic door open in such an expansive manner, you, the listener hears the music as intended—uncolored and dynamic. Fear not, the truth is a very good thing. You'll discover just how good your components and music can sound.  

By using the technology from the top, Our Series II Darwin Ascension and Darwin Silver enjoyed significant leaps forward in performance. Both employ the Truth level connections with standard cryogenics. All of our cables feature a new custom sleek, super flexible Teflon outer shell. You'll note that we've lengthened our standard build from 36 inches to 1M.

1M Truth II RCA Cable (MSRP $1095) SALE: $895

1M Truth II XLR Cable (MSRP $1195) SALE: $995

See our website at www.darwincables.com for professional reviews and personal testimonials on our products. 

Lest our interconnects steal all the thunder, take a serious look at our new speaker cables and power cables. They will have the same dramatic, undeniable and transformative effect on your system as do our interconnects.  

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