Darwin Cable Company... The Legend Just Got Better...Darwin Cable Company...  The Legend Just Got Better... SAVE BIG!The heir to the cable that put Darwin on the map—The original Darwin Silver Darwin benefits from trickle-down Truth (our flagship cable) technology, specifically, the carefully-voiced low mass, cry...395.00

Darwin Cable Company... The Legend Just Got Better... SAVE BIG! [Expired]

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The heir to the cable that put Darwin on the map—The original Darwin Silver Darwin benefits from trickle-down Truth (our flagship cable) technology, specifically, the carefully-voiced low mass, cryogenically-treated RCA end. The introduction of our very best end takes the already impressive Darwin Silver to another level. Low capacitance, tonally rich, detailed. Featuring our new durable Darwin Flex tubing.  

This is a great introduction to the Darwin Family. Get the new improved Darwin Silver II at a big discount! 1M MSRP $495. Now save $100! Yours for just $395. As always it comes with Darwin’s 30 Day Peace of Mind No Risk Money Back Guarantee. Darwin Silver II XLR MSRP $595. Now $495.

Check the reviews of the original Darwin. Now imagine how good the Darwin Silver II RCA is. 

Topped Nordost “I preferred the Darwins far more than the Nordosts (Nordost SPM $1100 and Quattro Fils $1600). The Darwins were fuller, reached DEEEEPer into the lower frequencies, and had better detail than the Nordosts… better in the sense that the detail they revealed allowed me to see both the big and small musical landscape in a way that was effortless and smooth. …The Darwins never failed to deliver a rich, in-the-room sound. The soundstage was no wider than the Nordosts but it was deeper, the imaging more realistically precise.” —Darosenb, Audiogon Reviewer

Stereo Mojo: “Impressed!” • “The Darwin literally leaps out of the way and allows the recording to do what it is supposed to do… I was impressed with their neutral presentation. The Darwins are designed to present the truth... Female vocals are so feminine you leave the room to make sure your bed is made so it doesn’t offend your lover. Male vocals make you want to grab your bat and glove to join the guys at the high school for a pick-up game.” —Mike Peskin, StereoMojo Reviewer (RIP, MIke)     

“The Most Positive Impact I've Heard...” “I'll save you all a lot of time by stating in front that adding 3 feet of this wire to my system made the most positive impact I've ever heard. From wire. With the Darwin Cables, the soundstage is more "real" and the imaging far clearer, "pinpoint". The bass deserves it's own paragraph. The addition of the Darwins immediately made the deep bass amazingly articulate in tone and texture, by far the best I've ever heard...”—Amioutaline, Audio Asylum Reviewer   

Stereo Mojo 2nd Opinion: “Enchanting!” “Musical details jumped out at me from the sonic canvas spread before my ears. On acoustic jazz or light classical, the experience was enchanting. Again, no smearing or loss of resolution from the cables...” —Dr. John Richardson, Stereo MoJo Reviewer   

“You Can't Ask For More!” "What you've got here is the solution for what's nagged audiophiles for as long as I can remember. Your Darwin Silver ICs simply get out of the way of the music like no other cable I've tried. You have delivered what we wanted, a cable that supersedes all performance parameters and simply delivers the goods. It's like my SACD player is directly connected to my amp. Soundstage is now permanently extended beyond my speakers. Height and width are fully fleshed out and equal in tone, timbre and impact (one of the strangest and most welcome results). The old cliche of hearing more is literally experienced on every disc I've tried. Intelligibility is through the roof. I've always had a hard time following lyrics and now I know why. COHERENCE is the name of the game here. With it comes focus and that see-through quality. Immediacy becomes the norm with good recordings and naturalism with great ones. Micro dynamics, subtle interplay and nuance are the best I've heard. Textures from coarse to fine, shadings of tone and ambience excel here. Macro dynamics can and do startle on old, well known recordings. You can't ask for more. My speakers only go down to 40Hz before dropping off and yet it seems like I have an extra driver down there, somewhere. Something had to responsible for that deep, taut bass I'm getting. Not one note, but nuanced bass. Mids are as natural as they come, beguiling actually. Highs float and shimmer effortlessly on the air. Notes have that beginning edge, body, and trailing off that make them seem all the more real. Thanks to your cables I'm now experiencing my "moments of reverie" again, getting lost in the music, letting it take me to, wherever. I can't think of higher praise than the big grin on my face. These cables let you concentrate on the music. To all I say, "Do yourselves a favor, buy a pair, and be done with the cable side of this hobby". —Tim Patchett, CA   

Darwin Cable Company offers a full lineup of audio cables. Our new power cables and speaker cables offer stunning, blow-your-mind performance. We've been knocking off big name, big price cables for years. Get more. Pay less. 

We always have specials on our website— Show display models, B Stock, overstock, DEMO. Special builds available.  

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