Gabriel GoldReflection v2Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 1m RCA pairAuthentic pair of Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 1m RCA interconnects, all original, purchased from Gabriel Gold directly. Rare combination of gold, silver and copper at bargain basement price. Among t...215.00

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Authentic pair of Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 1m RCA interconnects, all original, purchased from Gabriel Gold directly. Rare combination of gold, silver and copper at bargain basement price. Among the most equipment neutral interconnects I have ever used (including $$$$$ Nordost, Cardds, Kharma, Kubala Sosna, Kimber, AudioTruth, .......) They were GG's top-of-the-line model when released. Price is truly cheap so please no haggle please. I am selling them cheaper than the lower model that you'd see every now and then. Gabriel Gold Models (from reference to entry-level): [ reference level ] Infusion (new reference line introduced 2 years ago) Reflection II --- the model I am selling here Reflection Rapture R ver III Rapture R Rapture Revelation II Revelation [ entry level ] PayPal please add 3% (non-U.S. 6%). Shipping via USPS Priority flat-rate. Happy Listening! P.S. I have more cables for sale. To view the full list, please visit my listings at USAudioMart dot com. ===== ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION FROM GABRIEL GOLD SITE ================= The Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 is a world class interconnect. Members are replacing cables from those BIG name/ lots of overhead/huge dollar advertising budget/ cable companies with the Reflection v2 Projected MSRP $1595.00 Direct Purchase price $ 795.00 Gabriel Gold “Bringing Your Music to Greater Heights” Specializing in designs that stay true to the tonal character of the instrument and the manner in which each identical note should vary by instrument. Sounds Simple? Guess again!!! Using various precious metals, utilizing there strongest sonic traits and blending achieves this in a musical, natural and organic fashion. This can not be obtained by using one specific metal as the conductor regardless of dielectric, shield, connector or so on. Bottom line all metals do have their own sonic character regardless of mathematical or technical explanations. Take a good listen at specific notes being reproduced in your system and see if you hear similarities in tone on identical notes via varied instruments? If so you may be hearing the sonic character of the conductor used? Why should notes sound different ? Any instrument that vibrates creates sound. Motion of the vibration varies per instrument. A vibrating string creates a sine wave and is conducted by the body of the instrument to the air to create the fundamental tone. But when playing the identical note on a guitar string and a piano string you are presented with different fundamental tones. An instrument also reflects sound and bounces it around. These Reflections occur at different places in the instrument's body. With sound moving at 1000ft per second this creates reflections at different times and at different frequencies. These Reflections will now contribute to the timbre of the tone and also add overtones ( harmonics) that truly change the quality of the sound. ----------------------- The Metallurgical structure of the NEW Reflection V2 differs in every possible way from original Reflection. The hot lead is 99.99 24K Gold/99.999 Silver Return is 24K Gold/UPOCC Copper The blending of these elements are critical in controlling the conductivity, resistance, inductance, capacitance in the design. Internal Geometry has been re-worked and engineered to streamline the flow of electrons. The Reflection V2 uses larger AWG conductors than the original Reflection and offers phenomenal imaging, lifelike breath, startling clarity with a huge natural vibrant soundstage. On another note - It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery , however, DON'T BE FOOLED by imitators and copycats. Gabriel Gold has been designing Gold based/Gold alloy cables for over a decade Why is Gabriel Gold not out there more? I’ve had many opportunities to bring the Gabriel Golds into the mass market by distributors, investors and manufacturers so I am aware of production cost and margins needed so all can make their share... Buying direct is the only way a product such as the Halo can be offered at this price point. An Audio distributor/importer interested in the product called the Gabriel Gold’s, “a sonic and visual masterpiece. Why no formal reviews? I’ve had a number of trade publications request review samples over the years, I have graciously declined. as my focus has been and always will be the ultimate reviewer - - You The Customer ! With hundreds of discussions and great testimonials/feedback I feel confident I’m on the right path. What's NEW ? Since my initial designs my creativity and experience has allowed me to design a number of cables such as the Revelation, Rapture and Reflection series. All of these products were born of extensive designs, testing and blends of precious metals. In summary, experimentation with various percentages of precious metals yields and will continue to yield incredible results as the NEW Rapture v3 , Reflection V2, Infusion and Halo products will attest to. Having spent over 20 years in the audio and music industry, I had been constantly searching for that perfect sound. I was compelled to design a cable for myself, one that would properly reproduce music the way I feel it should sound. Sonics that stressed correct timbre, harmonics and tonality above all else. Years and many designs later, I had a product that achieved this. It began with a blend of 24K (pure) Gold, Silver and Copper in various percentages. Let’s get this out of the way “not all Gold, Silver, Copper and blended Gold alloys are the same. The purity and the manner in which it is drawn as well as many other factors come into play. Within months after my initial design, people within my audio community auditioned the cables and were extremely impressed with the results. I soon found myself building cables for audiophiles and guitar cables for major musicians. Both sonically and aesthetically, the Gabriel Gold products are preferred over some of the world’s most expensive and respected cables. Testimonials from both audiophiles and musicians alike are aplenty Paul Shaffer (from the Letterman Show) outfitted his entire audio/video system with Gabriel Gold interconnects and speaker wire.
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