Luminous AudioSilver Reference usedLuminous Audio Silver Reference  Hi-end DIN cable for Naim, etc. Finally!Now at an Audiogon sale at $100 off!!! Finally!!!!! Luminous Audio Technology is very proud to announce our latest version of the famed Silver Reference interconnect in the 5 pin DIN configuration...499.00

Luminous Audio Silver Reference Hi-end DIN cable for Naim, etc. Finally! [Expired]

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Now at an Audiogon sale at $100 off!!! Finally!!!!! Luminous Audio Technology is very proud to announce our latest version of the famed Silver Reference interconnect in the 5 pin DIN configuration for NAIM and other European products. After 21 years in business I am honestly not sure what took us this long to realize there is such a void in this area. After researching that there are precious few hi-end offerings here and realizing most are using a stranded copper material at best, we knew we could revolutionize thousands of NAIM, etc. systems with this solid-core, 5/9's pure silver cable. We are also making available to you our 6/9's ONO/cast copper version, the Synch Reference as well for those with systems that already have plenty of detail and may be a tad bright sounding. The inner detail and synamics you will realize from this cable musty simply be heard to be believed. You may read about the Silver ref and Synch Ref interconnects here..... , We are so confident that the Luminous DIN cables will revolutionize your NAIM, QUAD, etc. systems, we are offering a 100% return policy. If you do not agree the new DIN cables add more detail, dynamics and overall musicality, you may return them within 30 days for a full refund (shipping included)! We just ask that you cover the return shipping which can be usps ground, etc. Please Note!!!!! The auction price is for a 1m cable but we stock .5m, 1m ,1.5m, and 2m versions in both ono copper and silver. Overall the ONO copper is $100 cheaper per cable and there is a $100 increase/decrease in the cost of each per half meter. Feel free to bid and we can adjust at the time of payment for anything above or beyond a 1m set. The black cables in the photos are the Sil REf's and the silvery/grey ones are the Synch Sig ONO copper version. The DIN version is a very new offering for us so reviews specific to the DIN version are just coming in. However, we begin with one from a 20 year dealer of mine who is one of the largest NAIM dealers in the country. Peter Litwack of Music By Design....... Thoughts on Tim Stinson's Luminous Audio Silver Reference DIN5 to DIN5 Interconnect: Most of the high-end audio systems I’ve installed have been comprised of Naim Audio components. Before that, I featured many other brands, both tubed and solid state, but once I got involved with Naim, there was not much of an opportunity to continue to provide my clients with Tim Stinson's wonderful Luminous Audio Technology cables. Luminous cables had always been one of my favorites, but Naim gear uses the European-type DIN connectors for most of its components. About a year ago, Tim contacted me and was very excited about his new Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnect cable and Mega Power Lynx power cable. I asked Tim if he'd consider trying to make up some Synchestra Silver Reference cables with DIN5terminations, and he said he'd give it a try, send me some samples, and see what I thought. When the cables arrived, I called one of my best clients and friends, Mike, and asked him if I could come up and audition the cables in his system. Mike has one of the best-sounding, highest resolution and most musical systems I have had to pleasure to install. It comprises an all Naim compliment retailing for around $70,000. Before starting, I made sure to tell Mike that this was not a "sales demo presentation,"but rather a "research audition." I wanted to make sure there wasn't any sales-related pressure influencing our test results. Mike said he understood that we were doing R&D. The first selection we listened to was the Villa-Lobos Choros No.6 performed by the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra BIS label. I selected this piece because of its beautiful, complex, and colorful orchestration as well as its wonderful recording quality. It's very "Brazilian" sounding and is a wonderful, tuneful, large-scale orchestral work. I listen to it frequently and enjoy it immensely. I first tried out Tim's Mega Power Lynx on the Naim NAP300/300PS amp. A very noticeable improvement was heard in dynamics, rhythm, and transient control. We then substituted the Naim HiLine interconnect with Tim's Synchestra Reference DIN5 to DIN5 Interconnect. This model is Tim's next-to-top-of-the-line, anduses "Ono" Copper conductors. Compared to the Naim HiLine, it offered roughly the same level of performance. Everything sounded very clean and musical, and at less than half the price of the Naim HiLine, the Synchestra Reference Interconnect has to be considered quite a bargain. It was now time to try the Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnect. This turned out to be the most drastic improvement of the day. Instruments sounded much clearer there was far greater transparency to the acoustic environment of the concert hall and every subtle characteristic of every instrument's timbre was much easier to hear. The difference was really not at all subtle — the Synchestra Silver Reference provided a dramatic upgrade in every important musical parameter. Tonal colors were much easier to hear, pitch was far easier to follow, and dynamic intensities were much more realistic. There was no going back to the Naim HiLine . . . but we did, simply to confirm our findings. We then stayed with the Naim HiLine and listened to a simply recorded singer/guitar selection and then changed over to the Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnet again. The same differences were there, very obviously. At this point, Mike turned to me, smiled, and said "where do I sign up?" I reminded him that these were only prototypes that were sent out for audition, but Mike said he'd be very interested in buying a final production version of the Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnect, as well as the Mega Power Lynx power cable as soon as Tim could ship them. All in all, this was one of the most rewarding research auditions I've done. The Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnect is definitely the best interconnect cable I've ever tried, and expect it would work its magic in other Naim applications. Peter Litwack/ Music By Design Hi Tim, This Monday I received the cable and installed it between my HiCap and NAIM SNAXO 362. My overall impression of the 5 pin DIN-DIN cable is "SUPERB"!!! Crystal clear sound, Wider Soundstage, Balanced Sound among the treble, the midrange, and the bass!!! Nothing to find fault with yet!!! Often I find myself raising the volume up & up unwittingly because the music sounds so effortless and natural. Your cable is great! I strongly recommend your cable to serious audiophiles. My hifi system is around $25,000. All the best, Kisuh Dear Tim, I have to tell you how well the new cables that you sent me are working out. Not only do they sound great, but the RCA Silver Reference cables that are for the link from phono cart to Phono II have solved a problem that I was having. This particular cable is un-shielded and installing them has eliminated a slight ground loop that was occurring with the shielded cables used previously. I am also very surprised to note that there is much less background noise on the phono inputs than with my previous cables. Sincerely, Doug Hurlburt PHD EE Dynamic Sounds Associates
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