Madrigal cableCZ GEL 1I am offering the following stereo cable pairs of type MADRIGAL CZ Gel 1, balanced / xlr:1 m stereo pair: 155 USD2m stereo pair: 300 USD3 m stereo pair: 430 USDPrices include PayPal and shipment wo...130.00

Madrigal cable CZ GEL 1 Balanced XLR Cables / xInterconnects [Expired]

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I am offering the following stereo cable pairs of type MADRIGAL CZ Gel 1, balanced / xlr:

1 m stereo pair: 155 USD

2m stereo pair: 300 USD

3 m stereo pair: 430 USD

Prices include PayPal and shipment worldwide.

Will add some photos soon.

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Controlled Impedance (CZ): CZ Gel cable is made up of a helical array of conductors designed to maintain a consistent, controlled impedance throughout its length. The design of CZ Gel allows for the transfer of the signal from one component to the next without modification in any way. It delivers exceptional transparency, dynamics, and detail.

It also allows critical comparisons to be made of other components in the system, with minimum opportunity focable interactions that might influence the outcome of such tests.

Patented Dielectric Gel: Perhaps the single most significant innovation in these cables is the use of a patented dielectric gel to fill the intervals between the dieletric spacers that establish the relative positions of the conductors. The dielectric constant of this gel matches that of the spacers and the insulating layers surrounding the conductors, providing a uniform, consistent impedance throughout the length of the cable.

This remarkably uniform dielectric environment avoids any sudden discontinuity in electrical characteristics by completely filling spaces within the cable with a fluid that matches the dielectric characteristic of the insulating materials.

The gel provides another benefit: its viscous nature is extremely effective at damping any spurious motion within the cable. The vibration-absorbing qualities of the gel, combined with the tight construction of the cable, maintain a fixed, stable physical relationship between all the conductors. As a result, the cable itself is virtually immune to microphonic colorations.

CZ Gel was designed to be the clearest possible path from one component to the next that an analog signal might travel. Its original purpose was to facilitate the development of reference quality audio components by removing a significant source of coloration from the system.

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