MITMatrix HD 36 Proline(XLR)MIT Matrix HD 36 Proline(XLR) Interconnects, 1.5 meter pair1.5 meter pair of MIT Matrix HD 36 Proline(XLR) Interconnects. This pair comes with a full factory warranty. Contact Scott at or (972)754-8359 with any questions. ***My as...4604.00

MIT Matrix HD 36 Proline(XLR) Interconnects, 1.5 meter pair [Expired]

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1.5 meter pair of MIT Matrix HD 36 Proline(XLR) Interconnects. This pair comes with a full factory warranty. Contact Scott at or (972)754-8359 with any questions.

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Dot, MA, Matrix series IC’s explained;

The dot series cables have always been a bit complicated to understand. From good to best there was a Shotgun S3.1, S2.1, S1.1, Magnum M3.1, M2.1, M1.1 and Oracle V3.1, V2.1, V1.1. These cables would become .3(2010) and now .5(2015/2016). In 2007 Bruce Brisson designed a series of cables that would be perform at the top of each dot series called MA which stood for Maximum Articulation. This was the Shotgun MA, Magnum MA and Oracle MA.  If you compared the poles of articulation in the top of each dot series to the MA series you would see the MA’s have more poles of articulation, e.g. Shotgun 1.3 at 12 poles to a Shotgun MA at 22 poles, Magnum M1.3 at 18 poles to a Magnum MA at 36 poles and an Oracle V1.3 at 36 poles to an Oracle MA at 68. In 2012 F.A.T. (Fractional Articulation Technology) was introduced to the MA series and became the Matrix series starting with the Matrix HD23 (There were lower end Matrix cables that replaced the AVT line and did not have F.A.T. but to avoid a lengthy explanation I have left them out).

 I have compared both series myself over the years in various systems I have owned, such as VSA VR9SE/Dart/EMM, YG Anat III/Dart/Luxman, Light Harmonic, Vivid G1/Dart/Mola Mola/Audionet and in customers systems, and now for a big, IN MY OPINION; I feel the dot series cables with 2C3D make great music, but the MA and Matrix cables get me closer to the live experience. And with the prices I am offering on the Matrix series cables, because they have been replaced by the SL-Matrix cables (which have a different sound altogether) are an absolute bargain and should not be missed before they sell out.

I hope the explanation above helps the potential buyer of the Matrix series interconnect cables understand their origins better. And as mentioned above I have left out some of the story to simplify this evolution a bit. And if I have any information above incorrect please feel free to drop me an email or a reply. I did have to look through my old price sheets and the MIT website to refresh my memories in hope that I would provide this information correctly.

From MIT;

37 Articulation Poles (Proline)

    With 37 poles of articulation, the Matrix HD 36 audio interconnect delivers the highest performance for the least amount of money. The Matrix HD 36 features F.A.T. that has been fixed into the interface’s network boxes. Includes impedance switching for a perfect match to your components' impedance, improving sonic performance, tonality and micro-dynamics.

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