NordostTyrusedNordost Tyr 2 Meter Interconnect with WTB-0110CU terminators. “Its still Christmas!”For sale is a great two meter pair of Nordost Tyr interconnects. If you stopped with Tyr level interconnects you could be very happy for a long time. Ok, so I’m still bitten with the audiophile bug...1075.00

Nordost Tyr 2 Meter Interconnect with WTB-0110CU terminators. “Its still Christmas!” [Expired]

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For sale is a great two meter pair of Nordost Tyr interconnects. If you stopped with Tyr level interconnects you could be very happy for a long time. Ok, so I’m still bitten with the audiophile bug and made a move up the audiophile ladder, so my thirst for more is to your benefit!  The Tyr cable loom let me hear all the reference level music my system could provide! It was like getting a new album collection!  Great tonal balance and cohesive music full of bass depth, slam, transient detail, decay and diminshed sibilants. The sound stage became holographic with lots of bloom! 
I am the 2nd owner of this excellent set of cables. I have the shipping box that they will come packed in. They are terminated with full Copper WBT terminators. I rate them 8/10 just to under represent their condition; no surprises when they reach you and your system. Fairly priced, excellent value cables, so Low Ballers will be ignored! Buyer pays shipping and funding source fees (PayPal, Audiogon Express or others).
Check out these review excerpts:

Nordost Tyr Interconnects and Speaker Cables September, 2007 Jason Victor Serinus

The Design
All high-end Nordost cables contain silver-plated copper solid-core conductors. In Tyr's case, we are talking 60 microns of extruded silver over 99.9999% OFC. Tyr interconnect conductors have four 24 AWG solid core conductors, while the speaker cables have twenty. 
The Sound Take one of my favorite recordings, "Entre Amigos" featuring bossa nova vocalist Rosa Passos in duet with bassist Ron Carter (Chesky). With Tyr, every half-voiced whisper of the insinuating Passos comes through beautifully, as does the musicality of Carter's acoustic bass and the fullness of the guitar and other instruments. I've played this recording on my Nordost-equipped system for countless audiophiles. In every case, they have surrendered to Passos' vocal beauty. If you have an excellent system, Tyr can make you feel as though you're right there in the recording studio, with Passos purring directly at you. 


Equipment+ by   Steve Dickinson The Tyr interconnect shows its superiority over Valkyrja, a quieter noise floor, less hash, and a better sense of space are the primary, obvious benefits, but coupled with them, and crucially in the context, is much improved bass definition. People who don’t know Nordost cables will claim they are bright; those who do counter-claim that they just don’t lose as much treble energy as other cables. What is not disputed is that what you tend to notice first is the treble. Then, when you acclimatise, you realise that the effect is broad-spectrum after all. But you do still notice the treble, rather like you do when you first hear a speaker with a topnotch tweeter, but now as something you previously lacked. Tyr is different, but possibly you’d only be aware of this coming from a lesser Nordost cable. Bass gains a significant degree of weight, tunefulness and control, while treble gains sweetness and loses grain. I found myself wondering if Valkyrja was voiced more towards the top end, but switching back, it is clear that Tyr concedes nothing in terms of treble energy. The overall effect is of a far better balance. The Tyr loudspeaker cable further underlines the beneficial effects which is why, I think, Nordost occupies such a special niche. Other high-end cable makers also have a hierarchical system but few exhibit such consistency of performance across mains, interconnects and speaker cables such that each complements the others and adds to the strengths, with such a coherent sonic signature.


● Capacitance: 25.0 pF/ft
● Inductance: 0.63 µH/ft
● Propagation: 80% speed of light
● Overall Shield: 97% Braid
● MSRP: $1,929 for 1 Meter Pair + $315 for
   Each Additional Half Meter; RCA or XLR

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