Purist Audio Design25th Anniversary XLRThis is Purist Audio Design's state-of-the-art, 25th Anniversary, single crystal silver, Ferox-dampened interconnect, 1.0m, Praesto revision. The sound is absolutely stunning. Humongous 3D sounds...3300.00

Purist Audio Design 25th Anniversary XLR 1.0m Balanced Praesto Revision [Expired]

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This is Purist Audio Design's state-of-the-art, 25th Anniversary, single crystal silver, Ferox-dampened interconnect, 1.0m, Praesto revision.  The sound is absolutely stunning.  Humongous 3D soundstage, ultra-precise focus to all instruments/voice, striking percussive weight to plucks, drums, piano hammer hitting string, and fundamental note, astonishing separation to similar-frequency instruments such as bass guitar and simultaneous kick drum for example, this interconnect does it all.  I have over a decade of 100% positive feedback, and ship the same day payment is received.  I'm including PayPal/AudioGon fees, shipping, insurance, everything to your door.  :-)   

25th Anniversary Balanced Interconnect

<from Purist Audio Design>

Balanced (XLR) Cable

The 25th Anniversary line of Interconnects represent everything we have learned from over 25 years of hand crafting the best cables possible! Everything from the single crystal silver conductors to the advanced Ferox dampening let these cables vanish in your system and deliver the music!  

All 25th Anniversary cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

25th Anniversary Interconnect Technical Specifications


SCS, Single Crystal Silver


Ag (Silver)


Braid 100%

Dielectric Material


gauge (effective)

24 AWG

Dampening Material



20 pF/FT (pin to shield)


0.072 Ω/m (conductor)

Estimated Break-In Time

300 Hours

Cable Diameter

1/2" OD

Connector Type

Gold 3-Pole XLR

Material Treatment

Triple (3x) Cryomag©

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