Revelation Audio Labs'Paradise' CryoSilver ReferenceRevelation Audio Labs 'Paradise' CryoSilver Reference True Balanced Analog Interconnect, 1.5-meter (5 ft.) pairRevelation Audio Labs is now in our SIXTEENTH year of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our HUNDREDS of great buyer feedbacks. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim? Our...699.00

Revelation Audio Labs 'Paradise' CryoSilver Reference True Balanced Analog Interconnect, 1.5-meter (5 ft.) pair [Expired]

no longer for sale

Revelation Audio Labs is now in our SIXTEENTH year of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our HUNDREDS of great buyer feedbacks. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim? Our business on AudiogoN has always meant a great deal to us – especially for the many music lovers it has connected us with. We thank you for your support. 

Our mission: "bringing fine music ever closer, which creates beauty in the world, bringing peace and healing as it enriches the quality of all our lives".

The cables offered in this auction were freshly made-to-order for the respective customer, just to have the customer request a different length – so we were left holding the cables that we had already invested resources in making. It is an outright sin for them not to be enjoyed, when someone (maybe you) could use such an upgrade, place it in your system and place yourself closer than ever to the music you love. 


So here's the deal - let's just list it up on a quick auction for a rock bottom price and get it out of here and in your hands now. Auction ends on Friday evening. With payment received from 
winning bidder by mid-day Saturday, the cable will be dispatched on Saturday by Priority Mail for delivery to the typical domestic location on Monday. 


Here we have a 1.5-meter (5 ft.) length pair of Revelation Audio Labs 'Paradise' CryoSilver Reference True Balanced analog interconnect cable.  Hand crafted in the United States.

Mr. Michael Murray-Robertson, an English classical music reviewer and symphonic 'cellist, apparently has a renown state-of-the-art listening environment, employing the dCS Scarlatti four-piece stack with Revelation Audio Labs digital cable sets (two Firewire cables, one AES/EBU cable, three BNC clocking cables) with Nagra tube amplification and Quad ESL is quoting his e-mail to dCS that he cc'd me:


Dear David, Dear Rav,


As usual, it was good speaking with you on the telephone but I do look forward to your visit in person when this finally works out! Let's hope my proposed dates prove convenient for you; Rav. My offer of a night here still stands!


As promised, I can confirm that the six digital cables for quadruple dCS Scarlatti from Revelation Audio Labs are outstanding. We made extensive comparisons cable by cable on original recordings at which I was present including Telarc: the results were obviously superior.


Speaking as a classical music string player with forty years' experience of live & reproduced music, I really felt that more of the spectrum was reproduced via these digital interconnects, the "grain" of upper harmonics revealed the individual colours of each instrument positioned precisely in an allotted space & given acoustics. Increased presence; dynamics were noticeable albeit without any aggressive or "shouty" aspect.


The soundstage also widened; deepened.


I identified the violin of Christian Ferras in the sixties & then again, played four decades later by Corey Cerovsèk in a different hall! Not the sound of any violin, rather that violin! From the "fluffy, horsehair on gut" sound of pianissimo strings to the liquid sound of a Cavaillé-Coll pipe organ, the endless nuances of the timbres made me simply want to just sit back & enjoy a moment in time with the performers.


In all honesty, I must warn that these cables are stiff; that undue bending for demos around the world might cause problems. Perhaps Rav could leave them in their pre-formed shape & pack them in foam for travel? And as I said, they do need time to 'burn in' despite the generous time given for this at Revelation. I was unable to resist trying their balanced analogue and loudspeaker cables; the latter especially need time.


The French say: 'you have to suffer to be beautiful', and the English: 'patience is a virtue!'


I'm impatient but will not need to suffer again as I have found what I 'even closer approach to the original sound'.


I look forward to your news as promised. Bravo and best wishes, to all at Swavesey.




"Revelation Audio Labs cables have helped us reach an exceptional degree of untarnished communication of music, so I keenly recommended them here." - M.M.R.


Subsequent to employing our full digital cable set on his dCS combo, Mr. Murray-Robertson fully wired his entire system exclusively with Revelation Audio Labs cables - from wall to speaker - all power cables, digital cables, ‘Paradise’ True Balanced analog interconnects as listed here, and loudspeaker cables.  He then most recently commissioned a second, identical system for professional uses, and again employing a full loom of Revelation Audio Labs cables.


Keep in mind that Mr. Murray-Robertson is not a high-end equipment reviewer but a classical music reviewer, and as such does not technically write reviews for equipment.


Please e-mail me at: if you want his contact information as a reference. Mr. Murray-Robertson has not been compensated by Revelation Audio Labs in any way.


We employ a completely unique conductor architecture that eliminates the performance shortcomings of the typical standard "balanced" or differential cable design.  Not to belabor you here, as we encourage you to study our web site Technical Design page for a full thesis on our design technologies - but as a brief synopsis of the other aspects of this cable, this cable set features:

• We start with bare single crystal five-nines (5N) ultra-pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors – deep cryogenically treated in our exclusive vacuum cryogenic process. Silver is the most electrically conductive of all the elements, and our silver is not your father’s silver.  The raw, uninsulated wire used is made by a U.S. company that specializes in precision silver wiring technology primarily for advanced aerospace and medical imaging industries.  Each conductor is individually polished by hand to a smooth mirror-like finish

• Big Air™ dielectrics – the air envelope of each discreet conductor is greatly oversized in diameter relative to the conductor diameter within it 

• N.O.S. (New Old Stock) U.S. manufactured transparent PTFE Teflon isolator tubes – 
hermetically sealed to form the air dielectrics. This system provides an air 
dielectric that is unaffected by ambient atmospheric conditions

Progressive Hand Wrap™ discreet solid shields for each conductor pole, isolating each conductor/dielectric sub-assembly from all others within the cable array, to eliminate EM effects, cross talk, and eddy currents 

• Triple-layer solid and helically-woven U.S. made military specification stranded outer 

• All shieldings drained to the source ends only (to carry absorbed internal and external EMI/RFI noise harmlessly away from the music) 

• Top-of-the-line Swiss-made Neutrik male X-HD connectors with silver contacts and female EMC connectors with silver contacts.  

Ceramic MicroSphere™ conduit - another proprietary design feature - absorbs 
and dissipates both internal and external air borne vibrations, resonances and microphonics.  Ordinary high-end cables are a major path for mechanical vibration to enter sensitive audio equipment.  In addition, the effects resonance has on the performance of audio cables themselves is well documented. Audio frequency vibrations induced into the cable may create a state of microphony and transduce physical resonance into electrical resonance, polluting the audio stream.  However the most harmful mechanical energy is actually generated internally by the electrical components comprising the audio equipment circuitry, consequently occurring precisely where the delicate music signal resides. These vibrations produce phasing errors that slur and garble the music, diminishing resolution and coloring harmonic equilibrium. To combat this phenomenon, the conduit of this cable is filled by a special process with proprietary Ceramic MicroSpheres™ (patent applied for, Revelation Audio Labs, Inc.), developed through and supported by a number of relevant NASA White Papers dealing with crystal lattices, expressly to defeat this menace to faithful music reproduction. This results in a cable that is virtually immune to the propagation of micro-vibration, and minimizes parasitic vibration of the equipment power supply and audio circuitry.  This could be one of your most valuable weapons in your isolation arsenal. 

Conductive Carbon Infused Composite (CCIC)™ outer jacket - this advanced technology material augments the EMI/RFI/EMF shielding of the cable.  The negative affects that static electrical fields and charges have on audio cables is well documented.  In addition to augmented shielding, crucially the Conductive Carbon jacket provides ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection as it dissipates static fields and charges, also eliminating static electrical charges from accumulating in the first place, as their presence robs audio performance as it does with standard cable insulation.  There are a number of products on the market, accessories if you will, that address static electrical fields on audio cables.  Our unique design feature attacks the issue at the source through the proactive, preventative approach.  We have been performing tests and trials at length for some time, with phenomenal results, employing Conductive Carbon Infused Composite as the outer jacket material.  This material enhances EMI and RFI protection, but what this material provides above and beyond the protection of traditional shielding materials and methodologies is it provides Static Protection, guarding against the phenomenon of ESD (Electro Static Discharge).  The material absorbs and dissipates static electricity charge build-ups, which occur naturally on common non-conductive materials (i.e. cable insulation).  It is typical for these charge levels to be in the thousands of volts.  All areas of audio performance are enhanced by removing static electrical fields and charges from the surfaces of cables. This feature also improves performance by removing from your system surfaces that build and hold static electric fields.  Why do other so-called "cost-no-object" cable makers not use such a jacket material?  You tell me.

• Cables are fully conditioned on our audiodharma Cable Cooker and contacts are treated with Walker Audio E-SST Extreme Super Silver Treatment contact enhancer prior to shipment 



We pay the cost of shipping worldwide.

We prefer PayPal, but will only accept a check or postal money order from U.S. buyer, or only a postal money order from a Canadian buyer. PayPal ONLY for the rest of the Planet Earth. 


Revelation Audio Labs does not offer various models, with their respective price points, for a prospective application, the old game played by almost every high end audio cable 
manufacturer. This is because each of our cable types is simply the very best that it can possibly be, and comparable to the very finest cables available. Yet, our prices are very competitive, because our factory-direct sales eliminate inevitable distributor mark-up. 


We sell directly to the end user, to save you money. 


Revelation Audio Labs is now in our sixteenth year of selling our cables on AudiogoN! View our hundreds of great buyer feedbacks. What other cable maker selling on AudiogoN can make that claim?  Our business on AudiogoN has always meant a great deal to us – especially for the many music lovers it has connected us with. We thank you for your support. 

Good luck on winning the auction!

“I have installed a 26-foot pair of your balanced (Paradise) CryoSilver interconnects and burned them in for at least your suggested time and am now listening. I will leave it to others to describe the incredible resulting details. I will say only that I have been listening less to the music I love since I can no longer listen as background music. I am pulled into the music I hear as I never have before. A full symphony, quartet or piano concerto leaves me so emotionally and sonically sated that I cannot continue without a breather. Instruments, harmonies, duets, etc. use me up quickly and leave me ecstatic. I am now very careful to select music that I really want to hear for I know that incredible sound is what will come out of my speakers, both instrumentals and vocals. One last but important point is that I now longer have that subliminal urge (around for 50 years) to add or change equipment since I keep reminding myself that I have reached a point of utter satisfaction. Thank you Brad!”    — H.S. 

Addendum:  “I am sending you a copy of a performance of the Verdi “Requiem Mass.” It was performed in Amsterdam in 1939 just before the beginning of the Second World War. Verdi was an agnostic, but was so moved by the death of a great Italian writer by the name of Manzoni that he was overcome by the need to honor him in God's name. I was so moved when I heard this piece through your cables, notwithstanding the age of the recording. The clarity of the performers was amazing. I was in tears before it ended and I never do that. I do attribute the emotions to the use of your cables for I have listened to the recording before and never had such a reaction.”    — H.S.

“I have had my second set of ICs in for about 350+ hours now...and just ordered a digital cable. I seem to be on the way to an all Revelation cabled system. The addition of the second IC was not a subtle change but one easily recognized...even from another room. The balance, the relaxed presentation, the dynamics, the sense of the music, etc., etc.,...all dramatically improved. These ICs have allowed me to much more easily avoid "listening to the system" and just enjoy the music. They were more than a 1+1 improvement. The whole synergy was greatly enhanced. I know “your mileage may vary,” but I am “on the bandwagon.” They have just contributed greatly to my regaining the pleasure of listening, and the reason I (we) are addicts of / addicted to this hobby.”    — R.P.

“I have used many interconnect cables in my system, including Audience Au24, Empirical Audio Holophonic PC, Ridge Street Audio Poiema! and Poiema!!, Acoustic Zen (both copper and silver versions), and Kimber Select 1030. Simply said, Revelation Audio Labs Paradise interconnects bring the music to life like no other interconnect I've used in my system.”    — G.J.

“Hi Brad, how are you? Your analog interconnect cable is great. I have let a Hi-Fi reviewer on hear it and he also admired the great sound of the cable. oh oh oh what a fantastic cable! Beats the Kimber KS. I am going to sell my Siltech interconnect cables. But your interconnect is "growing" yet, and the sound is great. After (further) listening, I shall write a review about the cable. I'm doing my best to promote yor cables in Holland.”    — Have a good day, Wijnand

“Hi Brad, The Revelation Audio Labs 'Paradise' CryoSilver Reference interconnects are by far the best I've ever owned, and have owned a really big list of cables. These cables just get out of the way and let the music through - highs, midrange, and low end are right, and where they are supposed to be. This is the most natural, unrestrained sound I have ever had in my system. If high end audio is your thing you need these cables - they won't disappoint. Brad Vojtech has been more than helpful in my quest for the sound of music. Thanks Brad for keeping me up half the night listening to my system again, I do not want to turn it off and go to bed, so I know it is right. You wouldn't put inferior cables on your race car - don't do it on your high end music system. These cables are truly great - and will not cost you an arm and a leg. The only problem is, getting used to these, you won't be able to settle for less - I won't.”    —J.R.