Morrow AudioMA4newMorrow Audio MA4 - 60 Day Returns60 DAY RETURNS... Price listed is for a 1 meter pair of MA4 interconnect cables. Balanced version also available. Check out our special sale on the website. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION "These wires...329.00

Morrow Audio MA4 - 60 Day Returns [Expired]

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60 DAY RETURNS... Price listed is for a 1 meter pair of MA4 interconnect cables. Balanced version also available.  Check out our special sale on the website.


"These wires had terrific low level resolving power, solid bass and good soundstaging and impressive debut!” – The Absolute Sound 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Alex K Submitted: 2017.07.14

I’ve ordered MA4 interconnects and DIG4 digital cables to supplement my Nordost pair. Had them run overnight to start the break-in process. WOW! I’ve heard that these are good but the’ve exceeded all my expectations. Soundstage, 3D realism - to the point that you can almost "touch" the music. Thank you!

Read More » Dennis B Submitted: 2017.06.19 I just wanted to give all of you my take on Morrow Cables. I have been using them for quite a few months now. Starting with a Great Deal on their low cost MA1 RCA Interconnect, I thought I would give their technology a try. I come from a backround in Audio Research and Development for my own personal gain and for Clients that want to get to the next level in Sound Systems. Wiring between components like RCAs and XLRs and Speaker Cables are no joke. There are just as important as the components themselves. I have worked with major Audio Salons out of the New York City Area on the New Jersey side, and also in the San Diego Area of California in person with the finest of Audio Equipment on the Planet at that time. And the equalizer has always been good Cables between each Component.

Let’s get onto Mike Morrow and his wonderful Cable designs. Small Solid Core Wire. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But it is a tedious task, and takes a long time to do it right. I have tested Solid Core Copper Wire before myself and have gotten very good results with it. But not in the small size that the Morrow Audio Cables are using. This is quite a good step in the right direction for opening up the sound of a Music Track without distorting it.

Well, lo and behold, Morrow Audio Cables do just that. They are so good at opening up a door that has been only open just slightly. And the full Music Track will shine thru your System like it was meant to. The 1st set of better quality MA4 Reference Cables (RCA 24 Runs of SSI Wire) was quite the party with me. I have a Reference System that consists of some of the finest equipment this side of the Planet. I can tell small differences now with components, now that Morrow Audio MA4 Reference Cables are coming from my Preamp to my Amplifier, and from my DAC and my CD Transport, and my USB Bridge also. I have moved up to XLRs between my Krell Amp and my fancy pants Preamp that puts out JFET, Tube or Straight Signal into the Krell Amp. Wow!!. Pure silence, and open door with the sound coming into full bloom.

I could tell you more about Morrow Audio Cables and it would make for a Short Story. I am very, very happy that my R&D has come across this Technology and Mike Morrow and his Team is so nice as well. And the Money Back Guarantee is just a great thing that makes you feel better buying his cables. I give a "Totally Recommended" rating to this Company and to it’s technology. This is coming from someone that has been in the know for over 45 years and in the trenches of the finest Audio Equipment.

Life without Music, is like Life without Air to me. Now go pick which ones you want. And enjoy the Music.

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Michael G Submitted: 2016.11.28

I purchased the MA4 interconnects and they are fantastic. Right out of the package they improved my listening experience even though they were not broke in. I wish I had more hours on them but I enjoy each time I listen to my system because it gets better each time. My best friend Mark Bruce suggested your company to me he has bought interconnects and speaker cables from you. I replace my Kimber PBJ’s that I had in my system for many years. I am very happy with the improvement in my sound quality the MA4’s give me. Hopefully sometime early next year I can get another pair of the MA4’s and maybe even some speaker cable.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer!

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Darren V Submitted: 2016.04.04

Mike, I am still breaking in the RCA and XLR cables I ordered. I will wait until these are fully burned in. At some point I may consider a bi-wire speaker cable pair. Currently using a Wireworld Equinox 7 with bi-wire jumpers I purchased about 8-9 months ago.

I will say already the soundstage and detail is about 25 % better than the Kimber Kable Hero’s I was running ( XLR ) and Wireworld Equinox 7 ( RCA ) in which I replaced with the MA 4 series.

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