Siltech- Royal Signature - EmpressusedSiltech - Royal Signature - Empress - 1 Meter XLR Interconnects -Two Pairs Available!!REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED For sale are two (2) pairs of 1 meter balanced/XLR interconnects from Siltech's Royal Signature Series - The Empress. We are asking $5245 per pair. The cables ar...5245.00

Siltech - Royal Signature - Empress - 1 Meter XLR Interconnects -Two Pairs Available!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

For sale are two (2) pairs of 1 meter balanced/XLR interconnects from Siltech's Royal Signature Series - The Empress.  We are asking $5245 per pair.  The cables are in mint condition and come complete with the factory packaging, manuals, protective sleeves, etc. 

Shipping will be via FedEx Insured.  Please figure $100 within the Continental US and $150 internationally with Insurance.  The cables will be double boxed to preserve their factory packaging. 
Here is some info from Siltech's website:

Royal Signature series, high-end cables

Royal Signature Series

The Royal Signature Series high-end cables embody every last ounce of Siltech’s knowledge and technology. The twisted twin co-axial construction used in the Classic Anniversary and Explorer series delivers a perfect balance of performance, price and practicality, its elegant self-shielding topology eliminating both unnecessary elements and the performance compromises that go with them.

But once performance becomes paramount, the rules change. An external, circumferential shield can produce even better results – but only if you can space it far enough away from the conductors. Thick and stiff external insulation imparts added mechanical isolation. That means cables that are heavy and less flexible, but once heard we think you’ll agree, that’s a small price to pay given the performance on offer.

Those substantial casings contain our latest G7 silver/gold alloy or, in the Crown Series cables, our revolutionary (and incredibly costly) S8 silver mono-crystal conductors, combined with advanced insulation materials and precision manufacturing techniques to create a genuinely state-of-the-art family of eight interconnects, five speaker cables, three power cords and no fewer than eight digital cables, including USB and FireWire. Breathtakingly accurate and musically involving, the Royal Signature Series are the best cables that Siltech can make: in a world of uncertainty, history suggests that that makes them the best cables you can buy.

Cable Royalty – Signature Sound

Royal Signature interconnects:
These interconnects exhibit the lowest distortion of any audio cable in the world.  The result is a sound that is musical, involving, warm, detailed and with very high precision and reproduction of micro-dynamics.

The correct reproduction of even the tiniest parts of the signal is essential to recognize the music correctly.  What before seemed like noise, magically becomes a clear part of the music.  When you're allowed to hear music this pure and distortion-free, it's difficult to listen to standard cables again.


The Siltech Royal Signature Empress is a pure G7 solid silver-gold interconnect cable.

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