Snake River Audio - Mamushi - 24k gold -Snake River Audio -  Mamushi - 24k gold - 1 m RCAs w/WBT nextgensSnake River Audio - Mamushi Series "this aint your momma's cable!" § First, a few comments on our Mamushi cables - (please read the "Testimonies" page on our website for more!) NEW! - "Enjoy th...499.00

Snake River Audio - Mamushi - 24k gold - 1 m RCAs w/WBT nextgens [Expired]

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Snake River Audio - Mamushi Series "this aint your momma's cable!" § First, a few comments on our Mamushi cables - (please read the "Testimonies" page on our website for more!) NEW! - "Enjoy the Music" magazine's Brett Rudolph, an experienced audio reviewer with hundreds of published cable reviews, just published a review on our Mamushis in this month's edition. A few comments were "My praise for the Snake River cables, in particular the Mamushi is extremely high." and "there is no doubt I would consider using them as a reference cable in my system and I would recommend them wholeheartedly." Please read the full review at (You know they've got to be damned good cables, if the reviewer wants to keep them for his reference system!) "the Mamushi ic is the best I have heard to date. After about 72 hrs. time to settle in, the soundstage opened up and the detail flowed effortlessly. Great work!" - Randall Nelson A very well-respected and experienced audiophile (and recent customer) also wrote a review of the Mamushis. Here's a few quotes from her review: ".. By now I was already very impressed by their performance." ".. It was all there, the air surrounding the recording, the soundstage open and wide." ".. I don’t compare any cables with other cables, but I can tell you one thing though: the Mamushis are the best I have ever heard." Please read the rest of her lengthy review right here on AudiogoN !! From the front page, click on "Audio Reviews" in the Community section, then click on Cables, and look for Snake River Audio! Easy Peasy! § § - Fact: All electrical and electronic equipment causes radio frequency interference. Processor noise, digital noise, ground noise, voltage spikes ... all contribute to the degradation and corruption of the transference. So... How can you protect your fine resolution, and keep your silent noise floor from being contaminated? Mamushis to the rescue! Snake River Audio's line of Mamushi interconnects are truly unique in the world of interference suppression. After extensive research, and innovative improvements upon the original design, Snake River Audio's Mamushis incorporate a natural capacitive rejection of radio frequency interference by their construction principles alone. Utilizing our world famous Snake River Audio 24k gold-plated CERTIFIED Oxygen-free Copper wire that we purchase from our sources in Texas and California as the foundation, the Mamushis then separate the conductors using an air gap dielectric, and protect this configuration by surrounding it with mid-level magnets. Our magnets are specially ordered for our Mamushis, and are supersaturated with magnetism in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so their magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. Structural improvements over the original design not only provide the Mamushis with a premium quality construction and durability, but also remove the fragility that the original design suffered. Snake River Audio then takes the beauty of the Mamushis to the eyes, as well as the ears by providing them with a shimmering blue and red braided covering that truly can not be captured in pictures. The moment you first lay eyes on a Mamushi, your eyes will only be able to say, "wow!". And your ears will be even more impressed! A large, natural bandwidth with an incredible soundstage will have your ears smiling from ear to e... well, they'll be smiling a lot! Music aficionados and audiophiles alike will be amazed at the low loss, complete transparency, and profiled image palpability of the Mamushis. For a mid-priced, yet supreme quality interconnect, with the added RFI protection ... Snake River Audio's Mamushis have no rival whatsoever. There simply is ... nothing better. Read more about why the Mamushis are such a great addition to your system at !! Just click on the Mamushis! § This auction/classified is for one pair of Mamushi cables, 1 meter in length, and terminated with WBT Signature Nextgen 24k gold-plated ends (WBT-0110Cu's) using silver solder. This pair of cables is brand new, except for being evaluated for a review. The reviewer had them in his system for about two weeks while he allowed them to settle, then did his critical listening sessions. He did remove them/install them several times as he did direct comparisons with much more expensive cables (which they blew away, by the way!). § THIS IS A PROMOTIONAL AUCTION ONLY! We will offer YOU an opportunity to get these interconnects at a fraction of their cost. We are so confident that you will love our Mamushi cables, we are offering you these cables at only $499.00. These cables are already meticulously hand-crafted, tested, and burned in for over 200 hours before we post the auctions/classifieds. This means NO WAITING for you! You will NOT see many of these cables up for auction/classifieds, let alone at this low of a price!! The WBT ends alone cost hundreds. These cables normally sell for $1599.00 US, so DONT MISS OUT on this OPPORTUNITY! Don't take a chance that someone else will jump on this before you do. Click now!! We can also now take Visa and Mastercard credit cards! Please email us after purchase for instructions. § All cables come with matched serial numbers and a Certificate of Authenticity. Winning bids also receive a free "Snake River Audio" T-Shirt (PLEASE give us your shirt size and white or black preference in the comments section of your payment! M-2XL). Shipping and Handling is $14 for the continental USA with Priority Mail at USPS. International customers will be notified of actual shipping charges after the auction is won. Customs value will be declared for the winning amount of the auction - no exceptions. We can also manufacture custom cables to fit your needs! Need a special length? Want different connectors? Email us! Let US serve your ears! § Snake River Audio is now on Facebook! Find us and like us today! Contact us there for special deals for our fans! § Don't forget that AudiogoN has a built in anti-sniping feature for their auctions. Any last minute bids just extend the end time that much more. So there no point in waiting, get your bid in now! § We are so confident in the quality of our cables, that we not only offer a lifetime warranty, but we also maintain a 30-day guaranteed satisfaction policy with each purchase. Our limited lifetime warranty covers all manufacturers defects or malfunctioning parts for the life of your cable! Please check our website for details and more information. And we are very proud to admit that we have never had an unsatisfied customer request a refund! Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we take great pride in making sure that each cable and transaction is handled with the utmost of detail. § And DONT FORGET! Our "Trade-Up" program allows you the opportunity to upgrade your cables at any time!! Just return your original Snake River Audio cable, and we will credit you the original cost of that cable towards the purchase of a higher-quality series of cables. Please email or contact us for details.
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