Synergistic ResearchGalileo System InterconnectsSynergistic Research Galileo System Interconnects RCA and XLR - 2m  Price Reduced11/24 - Second Price Reduction 11/3 -Price Reduced State-of-the-art 2m interconnects that can be configured with either RCA or XLR connections. Statement product from technology leader Synergi...9900.00

Synergistic Research Galileo System Interconnects RCA and XLR - 2m Price Reduced [Template]

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11/24 - Second Price Reduction 11/3 -Price Reduced 
State-of-the-art 2m interconnects that can be configured with either RCA or XLR connections.  Statement product from technology leader Synergistic Research. My set includes 8 optional 99% gold strings in addition to 16 standard 99% silver strings.    
If you're not familiar with this product, it would be worthwhile reading about the design on the SR site (     
The definitive professional review was by Jonathan Valin ( To quote from the summary: "...the Galileo system is what I would buy if I could afford to buy it. Although there are several other great wires out there—with considerable virtues of their own—Galileo is, as noted, the closest I’ve come thus far to “no cable” at all.).    
Each time I have installed these interconnects in my system after a component change I have been startled at how clearly I can hear the sound characteristics of the components on either end of the wire. In my experience, these cables "disappear" to a degree unmatched by any other cable.
In addition to the incredible sound quality, the Galileo system offers special flexibility in that it can be configured for RCA or XLR connections without any loss of fidelity. See my picture showing the entire system. On the edges are the silver RCA and XLR pigtails. In the center, are the silver strings and the gold strings. The system comes with a Galileo power supply, which can be seen in my picture of the system packed into it's supplied flight case.    
I purchased this system as a demo from a leading SR retailer almost 3 years ago. It has performed flawlessly since then. There are no functional issues and the appearance of the components is almost perfect - there are a few small smudges on a couple of the surfaces of the acrylic power cells which are not visible unless up close and brightly illuminated. 
In preparation for this sale, I have cleaned every connection in the system and treated each component cable with my Furutech Demag and  Destatic tools to ensure the system sounds exactly as it did when it left the Synergistic factory.

If I've never heard a more transparent cable and the system can be used balanced or single-ended, why am I selling? The length. :-( I re-did the layout of my sound room and put my turntable in an adjacent den. I now need 5 meter interconnects to reach my Phono amp. If you only need interconnects 2 meters in length, you'll be happy with the Galileo System for a very long time.

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