Tara LabsRSC AIR RS-1Tara Labs RSC AIR RS-1 Reference Series XLR-2.5MTara Labs RSC AIR RS-1 Reference Series XLR Interconnect. Length = 2.5M (8.2 Ft.).Original Owner. Bought from an authorized dealer and drop shipped from Tara Labs.Tara Labs provides a lifetime warr...1975.00

Tara Labs RSC AIR RS-1 Reference Series XLR-2.5M [Expired]

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Tara Labs RSC AIR RS-1 Reference Series XLR Interconnect. Length = 2.5M (8.2 Ft.).

Original Owner. Bought from an authorized dealer and drop shipped from Tara Labs.

Tara Labs provides a lifetime warranty with an original receipt from an authorized dealer. I will provide the buyer with the original receipt and the packing slip for this purpose.

Very uncommon especially in this length which is useful with mono amps a distance from the source components or for a simpler system with active loudspeakers.

These were used in a dedicated smoke and child free room and never moved. The balanced connectors are pristine with no scratches or scuffs. The cables have no snags, tears, kinks or breaks.

Reason for sale: Replaced in an upgrade to Tara Labs The Zero Evolution Interconnect.

Shipping and PayPal fees outside USA.

Will accept PayPal, USPS Money Order, International Money Order (payable in US funds) or an official bank (not a certified or personal) check.

I also have recent 100% positive feedback on US Audio Mart.

Here is a description from Tara Labs on this very rare interconnect:

This is one of the best TARA Labs Interconnects ever made. This is the top-of-the-line AIR Series Interconnects. The performance is close to the famous ZERO Gold

• The sound: A very neutral, very revealing and transparent reproduction of the live musical event. The bass frequencies have authority, attack and power. The mid-range frequencies are neutral and lifelike. The high-frequencies are delicate and extended beyond all but a few audio cables from TARA Labs. The only legitimate comparisons can be made against other TARA Labs Audio Interconnect cables. The RS-1 Interconnect does not get in the way of the music like so many other high-end audio cables. You will hear stunning dynamic contrasts, perfectly rendered cycles of ’attack, sustain and decay’ of all musical instruments and lifelike voices, contrasted against a dead quiet background. Soundstage dimensions and front to back depth are spacious and expansive. Images are well focused, palpable and lifelike.

• The design: A pair of Rectangular Solid Core conductors are carefully spaced and held in TARA Labs' remarkable invention; the multi-lumen, thin-wall Teflon Air-Tube. The RS-1 is fully shielded and includes Channel to Channel Shield connections to ’common’ any variations in the RF/EMI energy in the shield of either channel.

• All technology in the AIR RS-1 Interconnects is original. The design concepts, design
work and inventions are the result of 40 years of ongoing research, original design concepts and proven engineering.

• Solid Core conductors, Rectangular Solid Core and Air-Tubes originated with Tara Labs in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s. There are many imitators in the audio cable industry, but no one comes close to TARA Labs. The Reference Series AIR RS-1 Interconnect is a remarkable and well executed design. Nothing works better than a Rectangular Solid Core conductor having specific proportions, using pure copper, proper annealing and in-line polishing of the conductor.

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