Tara Labs ZERO EVOLUTION Balanced XLRTara Labs  ZERO EVOLUTION Balanced XLR 1.5 Meter (Latest Version)For your consideration Tara Labs ZERO EVOLUTION Balanced XLR 1.5 Meter Interconnect (Latest Version) $19,000.00 (Sell $6,900.00) Included is Bag, Tags, all original paperwork/certificates HFX an...6900.00

Tara Labs ZERO EVOLUTION Balanced XLR 1.5 Meter (Latest Version) [Expired]

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For your consideration Tara Labs  ZERO EVOLUTION Balanced XLR 1.5 Meter Interconnect (Latest Version)  $19,000.00  (Sell $6,900.00)

Included is Bag, Tags, all original paperwork/certificates HFX and jumpers in as new condition 9/10

Like all my equipment used in dedicated listening room no pets kids and smoke free.

Shipping in oversized box with Blown Foam for secure shipping as shipped from the dealer to me (24x24x17") 18lbs

The Zero Evolution is an all-new, physically flexible, easier to manage air-dielectric interconnect than the original Zero with non-insulated square solid-core conductors. Because neither end of The Zero Evolution's shield is attached to ground, TARA employs the Floating Ground Station, a heavy, black box containing Ceralex, a combination of ceramic materials and metallic compounds that absorbs RFI and EMI. Switching from the original Zero to the new Evolution Zero, MF's system benefited yet further from an enormous addition of lushness, texture, and warmth, along with major extensions of air, detail, and transparency. Due to The Evolution Zero's ultrawide bandwidth, some outside transient noise can leak into the system when nearby appliances are activated. But—"I've heard nothing like it," he declares, adding "a genuine breakthrough, though hideously expensive. The TARA Labs Evolution Zero had a fast, clean, open overall sound, with airy highs and tight bass. The Evolution upgrade adds the rich, textured midrange of the Stealth Sakra, while continuing to produce faster attacks, longer sustains, and deeper decays, said MF." (Vol.29 No.12, Zero;Vol.34 No.6 WWW, Zero Gold; Vol.36 No.11, Zero Evolution)
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/2015-recommended-components-cables#Qov8tijusCjpS33Y.99

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The new Zero Evolution is another remarkable breakthrough in cutting edge technology and design from TARA Labs. The Zero Evolution design supersedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth, in addition to an incredible 2.5pf, resulting in a vanishingly low noise floor that creates the widest dynamic range possible. Our SA-OF8N 99.999999% inline polished conductors uses our new proprietary Liquid-film™ dielectric. The Zero Evolution also includes our new flexible air-tube technology and design. This results in a sound that reveals fine nuances of attack, sustain and delay, and is extremely revealing of subtle high-frequency detail. The listening experience is described as holographic and lifelike.

Used by reviewers and dedicated Audiophiles this cable is the pinnacle of interconnect design and will open a new window to what is possible in your system a Stereophile recommended component that surpasses older designs by a wide margin.

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