TAS 2016 EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD!MA4 ReferenceTAS 2016 EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD! MA4 Reference Easy Pay & 60 Day ReturnPrice listed is for a 1 meter pair of MA4 interconnect cables. Balanced version also available. Perfect for your system!>>CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION<< "Morrow Audio's wires performed ...349.00

TAS 2016 EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD! MA4 Reference Easy Pay & 60 Day Return [Expired]

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Price listed is for a 1 meter pair of MA4 interconnect cables. Balanced version also available.  Perfect for your system!


"Morrow Audio's wires performed like an old pro... These wires had terrific low level resolving power, solid bass and good soundstaging and dimensionality...an impressive debut!” – The Absolute Sound 2016 Buyers Guide


"Mike, I have never taken the time to provide written feedback to anyone about any audio components I have purchased and placed in my system. However, I'm compelled to make my experience with Morrow Audio cables the exception.

I just replaced (some very known high end brands omitted here) with your Morrow cables, specifically the MA3, MA4 and SP4's.

I'm not an audio expert and won't try to imitate one, however I know what significant changes I have heard in my system since installing your cables.

I'm experiencing a realism that I was missing. The sound stage is much larger and more open. Detail is better than ever and the sound is extremely clean, clear and concise. Importantly, it is neutral and not tainted. The dynamics are not over exaggerated but tight and clean. I feel like I'm hearing what the artists intended in their music presentation. In the world of audio you don't know what your missing until you hear what you were missing.

Please feel free to share this with your customers or anyone who might be in the market for cables. Your cables really do make a difference. WOW!" Kevin


"I am enjoying my Morrow Audio cables very much. I sometimes can't believe how much music is revealed on the same CDs I have had for years. I am buying more music than ever. I am grateful for the people at Morrow Audio for making such good products. You have a customer for life." - William P


"Your RF4 cables are outstanding... I really didn't expect them to make any difference in my system. After the first listening, I knew I was wrong; the RF4's were very good but so were my old cables.

After two weeks, I re-connected my old cables and I was taken back by the difference. My old ones were awful. There must be something to magnetic interaction with non-insulated stranded wire cable that did produce noise or cancellations that I couldn't hear. My first impression was what I wrote earlier-I could hear more depth, especially in the decay of sound, and more pianissimo's as well as the inside instruments in an orchestra.

I've taught music courses in performance, theory, and history in higher education for 50 years and have had a passionate interest in the accurate reproduction of music. I often listen with a score in hand. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible now for me to listen to music without being hyper-critical. It's a curse; background music is just annoying clutter.

Thus, from the few hours that I've listened through you cables, I've done so with a fair amount of critical or objective listening. I was even listening with some unbelieving negativity. It would have been cheaper to return them than to keep-but I couldn't. By far, these cables made a significantly sufficient improvement in my system to justify the expense. In a word, they were outstanding! Thank you for the opportunity to listen through them as well as to allow a little time to overcome my skepticism!" - Gary L

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