WireworldEclipse 6Wireworld Eclipse 6 RCA 1MDownsizing my system so I don't need these cables. Like new. Reviews Hi-Fi World, June 2010 "It is very tight, open and lively to listen to, letting music sparkle out at you through the loudspeake...239.00

Wireworld Eclipse 6 RCA 1M [Expired]

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Downsizing my system so I don't need these cables. Like new.

Hi-Fi World, June 2010 
"It is very tight, open and lively to listen to, letting music sparkle out at you through the loudspeakers with a lustre that's not normally available from a cable even at this sort of price"

"Overall, an impressive new piece of wire that deserves to succeed, especially in valve or vinyl-based systems where it complements perfectly"

Reprinted from WireWorld Website: 
Close to perfection....WireWorld Series 6 audio interconnect cables are a rare example of new technology that clearly and objectively advances the art of music reproduction. One of their most obvious advantages is that they sound distinctly cleaner than other cables, especially on vocal sibilance. They also allow quieter details to be heard, while preserving a greater range of dynamic contrasts and musical expression than other cables. Amazingly, they even reduce listening fatigue while improving definition and image focus. No other cables sound as close to the ultimate sonic purity of a Direct Connection.

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Series 6 interconnects utilize WireWorld’s new Composilex™ insulator, which makes striking improvements in sound quality by virtually eliminating the Noise Modulation Distortion (NMD) generated by conventional insulation materials. Composilex™ provides quieter backgrounds, tighter image focus and wider dynamics than would be possible with the insulation materials used in other cables.

White paper WireWorld DNA™ & Composilex™ Technologies

Utilizing the same world-class design as the Platinum, Silver and Gold Eclipse cables, Eclipse 6 is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre of instruments and voices.

The Eclipse 6 features WireWorld’s unique DNA Helix™ cable design and utilizes Silver Tube™ plugs for optimum connectivity


Featuring tubular silver-clad OFC contacts and a silicone rubber tension band, which produce the lowest contact resistance available, these state-of-the-art connectors make dramatic improvements in sound and image quality. (U.S. Patent 5,413,503)

The goal of WireWorld’s DNA™ cable designs is simply to provide the closest sound to a direct connection at each price level. Nearly all manufacturers of high end audio cables agree that sonic neutrality is their ultimate goal, but WireWorld is apparently the only company that actually follows through on that concept by audibly comparing cables to the only true reference standard for sonic neutrality, a direct connection between components. WireWorld’s latest DNA™ cable designs incorporate the knowledge gained from over 25 years of continuous development based on this unique objective methodology.

Cable design: DNA Helix™ 
Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast copper 
Insulation: Composilex™ 
Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper 
Connectors: Silver Tube™

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