WywiresRed Headphone cableWywires Red Headphone cable Hi end Headphone cable-20% offLooking for great headphone cables at a reasonable cost?Don't want to pay $1,000.00 for cables from the big name companies. Sounds absurd right? Well, it is, and you don't have to. Here is the late...279.00

Wywires Red Headphone cable Hi end Headphone cable-20% off [Expired]

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Looking for great headphone cables at a reasonable cost?
Don't want to pay $1,000.00 for cables from the big name companies. Sounds absurd right? Well, it is, and you don't have to.

Here is the latest customer feedback:
Hey Walter, You need to push these WyWire cables harder.  I got 75 hours on these
things right now, but out of the box the difference was immediate and intense.  I honestly question why Audeze evens bothers including their own cable.  They should just recommend this thing.  At 0 hours there was an immediate sense of air and greater bass.  At 75 hours, the midrange is liquid, the bass is violently powerful and taught, and the
highs sparkle.  I actually feel the midrange right now.  There is literally a tactile sensation with each pluck of this Spanish guitar. It's amazing.

Quite frankly WyWires is the best cable upgrade I have ever made.  I plan on outfitting my entire system with this stuff.  If this is budget level sound, you can probably only legally sell the platinum grade pipes in Colorado or California.

I was honestly hesitant to spend a few hundred on cables without first listening, but as usual, you had the right answers that gave me the best result.  Seriously, thank you.  It's pretty refreshing to have a dealer on which you can rely.

Thanks for the excellent recommendation.  I'm a WyWires fan for life.
Regards,  Mike

Save 20% for a limited time on this exceptional headphone cable.

The Wywires Red headphone cables are only $349.00 for a 5 foot cable and $35.00 per foot for longer lengths. They compete with the very expensive cables from all the big name companies. Save 20% for a limited time.

They are available for:
All Audeze models
Sennheiser HD800, HD700, HD650/600/580 (Add $50.00 for HD700/800 due to connector cost)
All HifiMan models
All models from Mr. Speakers
LFF Enigma
JPS Abyss

The all-new Red series provides an instant upgrade to high-quality headphones with replaceable cables.

The Red Series’ physical design was engineered to provide optimum weight, flex and texture for comfortable, tangle-free use. Free of excessive mass and unnecessary materials, our RED Series cables provide the headphone user with a sonic upgrade without adversely affecting established ergonomics.

Red Series highlights:

All-new design created exclusively for reference headphones
Hand-crafted in the USA
Up to 4x the conductivity of stock cables without adding unwanted mass
Reduces capacitance that causes time-delay smearing and transient masking
Reduces signal cross-talk for a deep, immersive soundstage for all music genres

Red Series Adapters will work with virtually any headphone with detachable cables, any amplifier and our extension cord gives you tremendous flexibility (literally!) and freedom.

Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and buy with confidence.

Call me at770-667-5633  to discuss these wonderful cables or place an order.
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GA & HI residents add sales tax.

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