JatonCD1000CLet's find out what is inside of the CD1000 player. First thing is about the digital DSP which is a technology from Austria. Built on Analog Devices BF-532” Blackfin Embedded processor, it will pe...1900.00

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Let's find out what is inside of the CD1000 player.

First thing is about the digital DSP which is a technology from Austria. Built on Analog Devices BF-532” Blackfin Embedded processor, it will perform the Enduro CD Servo Error Recovery with other digital audio processing such as the Q5 Sample Rate Converter with 384kHz Upsampling, Sonic2 Linearity Enhancer, and High Quality Fidelity Synthesizer (HQ-FS) to give lossless digital signal with high quality fidelity performance.

The next diagram is the Digital to Analog converter (DAC), CS4392, from Cirrus Logic. The CS4392 system includes digital interpolation, fifth-order delta-sigma digital D-to-A conversion, digital de-emphasis, volume control, channel mixing and analog filtering.
And the advantages of this architecture include:
ideal differential linearity
no distortion mechanisms due to resistor matching errors
no linearity drift over time and temperature
a high tolerance to clock jitter
Here are some of major features:
114 dB Dynamic Range
100 dB THD+N
Low Clock Jitter Sensitivity
Direct Stream Digital Mode
Selectable Digital Filters
Zero Crossing Click-Free Transitions.

So far we're not yet to talk about the special portion of it. The best of CD1000 is its analog to analog section. Beside the high performance OPAMP from NS, we use a lot of the best and even top of line capacitors through out the whole circle. In the same time, we develop it into 3 models with different brand of capacitors too.

The CD1000A is the top of line model which uses 8 unit of Mundorf top of line Mcap supreme Silver/Gold/Oil 8.2uF/1200DC capacitors and each one of them would cost you more than $ 260 dollars. Not mention the other well-mode components that also use on all the major analog signal paths. You wouldn't find those even from the very high end system which could cost you more than $ 10,000 but the CD1000A just retail at $ 4900.

We also made another model CD1000B by use Mundorf Mcap Supreme silver/oil capacitors in stead of the silver/gold/oil one with the same design and other components if you wish to have a little cost $ 2900 less than $ 3900. And it would be the best value of the series.

The third model is the CD1000C. Instead Mundorf caps, we use WIMA high performance capacitors. This model will retail at $ 1900 each and it is a very good CD player to start your first high end stereo system.

This unique with high performance caps along the analog paths design will bring the best benefits from tubes and solid design.Which will perform the warm and richness same like tubes system but skip its distortion and noise. And also present the speed and accuracy as solid one. Plus the long life time of those top quality caps which will maintain well performance longer than other solutions.

We believe that after reading the above paragraphs, you'll know how serious Jaton is when designing and building its systems, and how much you can save to have a world class audio system from us too.


Formats: CD(CD-DA), CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, FLAC 24/96

THD+N % vs. Frequency:

Signal to Noise Ratios: -119 dBr @ 1 kHz

Frequency Response:

Linearity Analog: 0.01 dBr @ 1 kHz

Linearity Digital: 0.01 dBFS @ 1kHz

Dynamic Range: XLR 124 dBr, RCA 116 dBr

Phase: XLR 0.01 Deg., RCA 0.05 Deg. @ 1 kHz

Stereo Separation: -119 dBr @ 1kHz

Balanced Output Impedance(XLR):47 k Ohm

Analog Output Level: 1.5 Vrms

Un-Balanced Output Impedance(RCA): 47 k Ohm

Up-Sampling: Digital 44.1/88.2KHz,Analog 44.1/176.4KHz

Analog Output Connections: XLR/RCA

Digital Output Connections: Coaxial/Optical

Input Power: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 17”(W) x 4”(H) x 15”(D)

Weight: 22 LBS

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