JolidaJD-302RC l-1Jolida JD-302RC l-1 modified remote amps availableWe are now offering a full modification to the new Jolida JD-302CRC remote controlled integrated amp. The CRC version adds Remote control, preamplifier/subwoofer out and a tape out to the 302B and ...1690.00

Jolida JD-302RC l-1 modified remote amps available [Expired]

no longer for sale

We are now offering a full modification to the new Jolida JD-302CRC remote controlled integrated amp. The CRC version adds Remote control, preamplifier/subwoofer out and a tape out to the 302B and is a great value. It also now has the new Jolida Simple bias system that makes biasing the amp a 2 minute job without any meters or tools. There is also a pair of XLR inputs. We have new stock and modified units available.

The stock Jolida JD-302RC is a wonderful 50 watts per channel Integrated tube amp that has delighted many audiophiles over the last few years. The CRC version is just the next generation with remote control and other useful requested features added. It has the beautiful EL-34 based tube midrange that audiophiles have always been drawn to. Bass and treble performance is good but not state of the art.

Together with Chris Johnson of PARTS CONNEXION in Canada I am now selling a highly modified version of the JD-302CRC that takes it to the next level in performance. Chris is the founder and former President of Sonic Frontiers.

The mod is available to current JD-302CRC owners for $650.00 + frt. New modified units are only $1,690.00 + frt.

In its modified form the 302CRC is is the same league as tube integrated amps from CJ and Audio Research that sell for $3000.00 to $4000.00. At only $1,690.00 the modified 302CRC is a steal and the best sounding full tube EL-34 based product that we have heard for anywhere near its price. The modified unit is fully authorized by Jolida and covered by the full 24-month factory warranty thru Jolida.

The following is a description of the mod:
a) We install four “large” EAR brand SORBOTHANE isolation feet to reduce resonance.

b) Two sheets of SOUNDCOAT chassis damping material are cut & applied where applicable to the internal chassis to control resonance.

c) We Replace the "stock" Chinese Jolida input driver tubes with Russian ELECTRO-HARMONIX 12AX7 & 12AT7 (2each).

d) Four Polypropylene power supply bypass caps are installed in the power supply.

e) Six MULTICAP PPFXS "signal path" polypropylene film and tin foil coupling capacitors are installed in the signal path.

f) We install Twenty Four Japanese RIKEN ½ and one watt "signal path" carbon resistors (gold-plated leads)

g) Four Holco H2 (1 watt) "non-magnetic" metal film resistors are installed on the plate of the phase splitter

h) Four HEXFRED ultra-fast soft-recovery "high voltage" rectifying diodes are added in the power supply

i) One SF4007 Vishay-Telefunken diode is added to the bias supply

j) TRT silver WonderSolder used throughout

k) 6 hours labor


-It's Quieter.... The Silences are BLACKER...thus, resolving more low level Detail.

-Ambiance retrieval & three dimentionality are better.

-It's smoother..but more detailed..while also More dynamic. It seems to play Louder.

-Tonal balance is more even...from low's to high' addition to the amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine.

-Imaging is more defined while the Bass is dramatically improved.... It now has Full weight and authority...not lose "one note" bass.... The modified unit sounds more like solid-state in this area

The full Jolida 2-year factory warranty comes on new modded units. Mods to previously owned units carry a 1-year warranty on all work performed

Price: $650.00 + frt.
New modified JD-302CRC’s run $1690.00 + frt.

This modified unit will outperform any EL-34 based tube amps that we have heard for under $2,500.00 and is more harmonically correct than most solid state amps available at any price.

-The modified 302RC is a wonderful amp and if you were ever thinking of trying a tube amp this is a chance to get a great amp at an entry level price. Please don't be fooled by the 50 watt rating as the 302RC will drive almost loudspeakers to very loud levels in any normal 3000 cubic foot room.
A review on the stock JD-302B unit can be read at:

-We also have a mod available for the smaller 40wpc 202a that is similar with less power and no remote control. It is $1350.00 + frt.

-Call 770-667-5633 to purchase new units or arrange to have your current amp modified. Visa and MasterCard accepted. GA residents add 6% sales tax.

We can also ship 220 volt modified amps worldwide for an additional $50.00.

Stock amps are also available. Call 770-667-5633 to discuss pricing.

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