Joseph AudioRM7si Signature Speakers (Pair)Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Speakers (Pair) Affordable Musical RealismI love the sound of these moderately efficient speakers in my tube-amplified rig. They deliver the goods, reproducing accurate, dynamic, detailed, and realistic music from well-recorded media when...808.00

Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Speakers (Pair) Affordable Musical Realism [Expired]

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Now let me add on something extra to say thanks to the winner of this bidding.

For no additional charge (except you must pay the shipping) I will include a pair of speaker cables I have used with these speakers for the whole time I have enjoyed them. These are specially constructed to enable bi-wiring the speaker pair for enhanced performance. They are made from pure copper that is continuous cast to minimize the complexity of the crystalline matrix in the metal. Sounds exotic but it makes a difference. You can bi-wire without bi-amping. You need only one stereo power amp for this hookup.

The net result of bi-wiring is more detailed and transparent, articulate music because the interference between the different frequencies that are all mixed together in conventional connections is reduced. The following detailed explanation may seem complicated at first but in practice, hooking these up is very easy.

These 2 cables have 4 conductors each. On each stereo channel (R and L), two wires (+ and -) are for the bass range and the other two are for the remainder of the audible spectrum. To use these cables, you remove the straps on the RM7si Signature speakers. Then you can connect to each crossover network at two levels, bass and midrange/treble, separately.

At the amp end, the conductors are paired off into two terminals, a positive and a negative per stereo channel. You connect this end in the usual manner to the + and - terminals of one stereo channel per cable.

On the other end, the conductors in each cable break out into two pairs. You attach the 4-terminal end of the cable to the 4 terminals on each speaker, observing polarity. They are color coded to help you connect.

In the end, you have the R stereo channel connected to the R speaker using 4 terminals on the speaker end. The L channel is connected in like manner to the left channel. The crossovers in the speakers sort this all out by filtering. Then the woofer in each speaker is driven only by the frequencies it reproduces best, and the same is true for the tweeter.

Shazam! Better music, easily obtained by just taking advantage of the RM7si Signature's built-in features.

If you need more clarification, I will provide a diagram when you win the auction.

Here are the specs of the cables: Audioquest Spread Spectrum Hyperlitz Perfect Surface Copper Speaker leads, 8 ft., pair, 6 terminals each, color coded.

Please place your best bid now. Good luck to you in the auction.

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I forgot to mention the value of the speaker cables I just added is about $100.

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Now I'm adding another perk to drive the value of this auction over the top. Again, there will be no change in price, except if you want this add-on you must pay for shipping it.

I'll include a pair of great-looking 23-inch tall speaker stands for your RM7si Signature speakers. Of course they will work for any similar-sized studio monitor style speaker. They are sturdy -- made of tubular and sheet steel and powder coated with a black glossy finish. The plain, sleek, modern styling fits into any decor.

These come with 4 adjustable "tiptoes" for each stand. Spike feet reduce mechanical contact area of the speaker stand to a bare minimum which decouples the speakers mechanically to filter out vibration. Then your speakers don't shake everything in the room as much, including your stereo system. They just make music. Less mechanical feedback is better.

To prevent the sharp spikes from poking holes in your floor, just slip a quarter (coin) under each spike. If you have the stands on carpet you may not need the tiptoes. Just leave them off in that case.

To further dampen vibration, I filled the tubes with lead shot. This is heavy stuff which I will remove for shipping to hold cost down. You can probably get a bag of lead shot at any gun shop in your town or at many sporting goods stores. That will be cheaper than shipping shot, I think. However, if you want the shot I remove, I'm willing to ship it to you if you pay the cost.

I don't have a record of who manufactured these stands but I paid $229 for them on 9/29/99. That's at least a $250 value today.

You will never regret getting these wonderful speakers. Especially with bi-wire cables to connect them and a pair of handsome speaker stands to boot.

Please place your best bid now. And good luck to you in this auction.

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I will now add a special promotional item at no additional charge (except shipping, which you must pay.)

The perk? One great looking 4-shelf Studio Tech Component Rack. This is a modern style shelf set made of thick, vibration damping MDF and tubular steel. The finish is mahogany color shelves and light gray tubing. It comes with “tiptoe” feet which decouple the rack mechanically to help reduce vibration entering the rack to shake your gear. The result? Better music which is more free from the effects of ambient vibration. It’s not perfect but it’s fully sound and very presentable. I give it an 8 out of 10.

I paid $367 for this rack in 9/1999. That’s probably a $400 value or more in today’s dollars. This rack held the whole high-end audio system I am presently selling off.

At this point I have five items on auction here – a transporter, a preamp, a power amp, a pair of speakers, and a sub-bass system. All the interconnects and speaker wires needed to connect all the components are included. I may add a special CD player soon. This rack will be awarded to the person who buys the most in dollar value from all the items I am selling.

The eligibility window closes on the last day of all the auctions I start on Audiogon before Sunday, 5/20/2012. Total dollar amount you spend with me during the eligibility period is what counts. This total will extend across more than one item if you win more than one. I will add together all items won from my current auctions by a single buyer with the same Audiogon user name.

Of course, if I offer you the rack and you don’t want it, I will then offer it to the next highest winner and proceed in that manner until the rack is taken. I’ll be the sole determiner of the winner and my decision will be final.

Please shop all items I am auctioning now. There is a link to them in the gray box on the right side of this page. Pick the things you want and bid. Good luck to you in the auctions.

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Here's some bidding advice to help someone win this auction.

There is a reserve set. If it's not met, I am not obligated to sell, even to the highest bidder. And I am not likely to sell if I don't feel the best bid is a fair offer. After all, the reason I set a reserve is to assure I would get a fair, acceptable deal. Or be able to walk away.

The object in an auction is to win the item you want, not to be the highest bidder and still lose. So don't be blinded by only considering what other people are bidding. Don't just react, hoping you will get lucky. Forget competition. Instead, think about what would be a fair price if all I say about this item is true (it is.) Don't just bid to get $1 ahead of someone else. Make every bid count. And please, never bid a dollar more than you believe is fair.

Then you're in the game to win and you have a good chance. The bidder who walks away with this item will probably be someone who follows this strategy.

I love the sound of these moderately efficient speakers in my tube-amplified rig. They deliver the goods, reproducing accurate, dynamic, detailed, and realistic music from well-recorded media when driven through a good system. Not only do they bring your music to life with startling realism, they provide astounding bass drive for speakers of this size and cost. And a wide soundstage. They cover the audible spectrum down to about 40 Hz where they roll off sharply, making it easy to fill in below them cleanly. I look for gratifying performance for reasonable cost. These are the speakers for me. Perfect for the budget conscious but discerning audiophile. Especially in a tube audio system. As my knowledge of hi-fi and audio systems evolved, these speakers hung in there as everything else was upgraded to drive them better. The conservative, modest look of these speakers’ outer construction belies their excellence. Their performance is sensational for the price. The unique combination of an aluminum cone woofer, a silk dome tweeter, and the Infinite Slope crossover technology works perfectly without calling attention to itself. They have quite adequately filled a 3500 cubic foot listening room to the upper limit of tolerable volume driven only by a 42 watt per channel PrimaLuna DiaLogue 5 tube amplifier. They also performed admirably driven by my previous starter amplifier, a Rogue Audio Model 88 (only 60 watts per channel.) Both amps had KT88 output drivers and never ran at more than about half volume. Even with the likes of Little Feat or Creedence playing at parties. A powered subwoofer with adjustable crossover and volume fills in the bottom end. This REL Q100E sub with 12 inch driver is also available (in another Audiogon listing) as I sell off my whole audio system. The REL works in tandem with these RM7si Signatures to reproduce the entire audible range convincingly, maintaining transparency, authority, and grace in the bottom end. To my ears, this setup overcomes the usual weakness of tube audio systems – tubby, weak bass reproduction. The REL Q100E has a built-in solid-state amp of it’s own to provide just the low bass sound. The RM7’s handle the rest needing no help. I know. That's cheating. Why not revel in the best of both worlds? RM7si Signature performance is assisted by bi-wiring. Each speaker has one set of crossover terminals for bass and another set for midrange/highs. They can be shunted (straps are included) or wired separately. I will include a pair of continuous-cast, 8 ft. pure copper speaker leads that are specially constructed for this purpose if you win the bid and want them. No additional cost for this $150 value. You could bi-amp these speakers if you prefer that route. Like any ported bass reflex speaker design, these reference grade studio monitors need to stand off from adjacent walls by 2 feet or so minimum to prevent any booming caused by resonance with reflected sound waves. In the several installations where I have enjoyed these, this requirement has been easy to meet. Please just don’t jam these speakers into a corner. Ported speakers need a little space around them to work as designed. These go well on a pair of two-foot speaker stands. I also have a pair of those available as this is posted. If you need some, check my other listings. I'm obviously smitten with these but please don’t take my word for it. Search online and you’ll find glowing reviews for this model like this one from an expert: "I have used the stand-mounted, sweet-sounding RM7si Signature as my reference speaker because of its realistic timbre and dynamics, spatial depth, precise imaging, high-frequency clarity, and revealing midband." -- Chip Stern, Stereophile Here’s a link to some owner reviews ( After you listen a while, you’ll see what a great value they represent. Please visit Joseph Audio’s web site ( They had it basically right even before they started perfecting their design. The prices have definitely gone up. The natural oak finish is richly executed, deep, durable, and beautiful with many decors. Given the plain black grilles, the blonde speakers tend to disappear in a room. The original manual and shipping materials are included. I tend to rate condition very conservatively. This pair of speakers looks great, with no more than very forgivable signs of normal wear that are invisible unless you are inspecting for them at very close range with a perfectionistic mindset. The photos don't lie. Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Loudspeaker Specifications Description: Two-way, stand-mounted, reflex-loaded loudspeaker. Drivers: 1" (25mm) silk fabric dome tweeter, 6.5" (165mm) aluminum cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 2100 Hz. 120 dB/octave. Crossover slopes: patented Infinite Slope, >100dB/octave. Frequency response: 42Hz-20kHz, ±2dB. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal. Sensitivity: (2.83 V @ 1 meter) 86 db. Recommended power: up to 150 W. Dimensions: 15" (380mm) H by 9" (229mm) W by 12" (305mm) D. Weight: 27 lbs. (12.3kg) each. Finish: Natural Oak (blonde color). Price New: $1899/pair. (What I paid) Manufacturer: Joseph Audio, Box 1529, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (800) 474-4434. Fax: (631) 424-7086. Web:
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