Joule ElectraVZN-100 MKIV show demoJoule Electra VZN-100 MKIV show demo 100W OTL MonoblocksJOULE-ELECTRA VZN-100MKIV OTL MONOBLOCK POWER AMPS - USED - $6,450 HISTORY: This pair of Joule-Electra VZN-100's are the Merlin Music Systems show demo pair (we are selling these amps for Merlin...6450.00

Joule Electra VZN-100 MKIV show demo 100W OTL Monoblocks [Expired]

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JOULE-ELECTRA VZN-100MKIV OTL MONOBLOCK POWER AMPS - USED - $6,450 HISTORY: This pair of Joule-Electra VZN-100's are the Merlin Music Systems show demo pair (we are selling these amps for Merlin) used at CES's and other HiFi shows during the past 8 years. If you read a show report in the past 8 years of a Merlin, Joule-Electra system, these are the amps used in the show system commented on. This is a pair of Piano Black finished Music Wood Enclosure VZN-100's made around 2003 and first place in use at the 2004 CES. These amps where only used for show use and where once loaned to Positive FeedBack on-line for about 3 months for a review (said review done by David Robinson @ Positive Feedback can be seen here: ). Between show use, these amps would see the light of day to only inspect and clean them up (make sure they survived shipment fine) then stored away until the next show. So, these amps have alot of miles on them (they have been shipped many times - and as a result they do have some cosmetic issues which are discussed below), but much much much less hours of use than a pair of 8 year old amplifiers usually has. HOW DO IT KNOW ALL THIS? I travel with Merlin to all their trade shows to help with set-up and running their show suites. I have personally un-box, set-up, tear down, and box up these amps at each show they where used. COSMETICS: Very good, though not perfect. Freight forwarder of show exposition services who gets the gear up into your show suite managed to drop one of the boxes with the OTL chassis inside. Even though well packaged, the upper rear corner of one of the amps got smacked good enough to damaged it. Fortunately, the Music Wood chassis use a very strong dove tail type construction so beside the small split in the rear corner and (see pictures of which I can send more at high res if you want) some paint damage - that chassis had no structural damage and did not incur any damage to the electronics (this happened several years ago and we continued to use these amps a number of more times at shows without problem - we did open up and go through both amps after this episode to make sure they where both fine structurally as well as operationally of course). Given the cosmetic issue - I have rated these as 6/10. FWIW in person - (unless you like to look at them from 2 feet away from the rear all the time) - they look much better than that. SOUND: Well.... these are OTLs - They sound amazing IMO. Not for everyone because they generate a fair amount of heat and don't like low impedance or low efficiency (like low 80's) speakers. PRICE: When these where made, they retailed for $15,000 for the pair. Currently VZN-100's in music wood are $18,000 per pair. We are asking a very reasonable $6,900 plus shipping. These amps are 120V only and cannot be converted to 220V operation - so sale is US or Canada only. They will come with several spare tubes and all original packaging crates. Since I am basically selling these on consignment - I am very limited on what we can do on trade-ins. Best bet is to sell those amps you have yourself as I will not be generous with any trade-in allowance/value so I can be sure I can promptly sell what you trade in. We have been in business since 1990. Feel free to check out our website or call us at 315-622-4137 with any questions. Signature Sound is a authorized dealer for: Audience Cables, Amarra, Audio Aero, Atmas-Sphere, Clearaudio Cartridges, Cardas Cables, Benz Micro Cartridges, DH Labs, Dynavector, EAR USA, Grado Labs, JPS Labs, Joule-Electra, IsoTek, Manley Labs, Merlin Music Systems, Musical Surroundings NOVA phono preamps, PS Audio, Power Modules (Belles), Rega Research, Running Springs Audio, Sonos, and Wavelength Audio.
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