Jvc Dla-Rs65uLowest JVC pricesJvc Dla-Rs65u Lowest JVC prices full warranty-888-805-2877Prefer Local sale with screen & installations but now available to ALL.... Factory Sealed-Brand NEW Dla-RS65uCREDIT CARDS or Cash SAME LOW price!CALL to Order Toll FREE (888)805-2877 FREE SHIP...7989.00

Jvc Dla-Rs65u Lowest JVC prices full warranty-888-805-2877 [Expired]

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Prefer Local sale with screen & installations but now available to ALL.... Factory Sealed-Brand NEW Dla-RS65u
CALL to Order Toll FREE (888)805-2877 FREE SHIPPING!
Also have RS55u for just $5999 and Dla-RS45 on SALE for $3188

The DLA-RS65 is JVC's most advanced D-ILA home theater projector, capable of displaying theater-quality 3D as well as 2D material upconverted to a stunning 4K resolution. It features JVC's new e-Shift technology capable of projecting images with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, four times that of full HD. Built from hand selected perfectly matched components and given a specialized final calibration, the DLA-RS65 achieves a native contrast ratio of more than 120,000:1. It's the finest home theater projector JVC has ever offered.
Extraordinary Picture Quality

1920x1080(x3) 0.7-inch D-ILA devices with e-Shift 4K device
2D upconversion to 3840 x 2160 for 4K precision projection
Higher pixel density eliminates stair stepping and improves edge transitions.
Upgraded optical engine and driver for smoother gradations and reduced motion blur
Industry's highest native contrast ratio: 120,000:1
120Hz Clear Motion Drive for smooth action scenes
Real Color Imaging Technology ensures rec.709 color gamut
Highly customizable
Expanded user adjustment of picture tone and dark gradations
16-step lens aperture
7-axis Color Management System (R,G,B,C,M,Y and Orange)
255 custom screen-mode presets
1/16th pixel convergence adjustment possible with 121 adjustment zones
Various color profiles including rec.709/D65, Adobe, sRGB, and DCI
Stunning THX® Certified 3D Performance
Improved driver for increased brightness while reducing crosstalk
Parallax adjustment for fine tuning 3D effect
Highly customizable built-in 2D-3D converter based on high end JVC production design
Includes 2 pairs of active shutter glasses and IR emitter
Accepts all modern 3D formats (Blu-ray, side-by-side, top-and-bottom)
THX® 3D Certified
Optimum Flexibility and Convenience
Dual HDMI 1.4a inputs, PC input
LAN connection for system control and firmware updates
Remote control via LAN, RS-232C, IR
Newly designed remote controller
V: 80%/H: 34% motorized lens shift
New lens memory mode with three user memories
Maintains constant height for 2.35, 1.85, 1.78 on same screen.
1.4:1 to 2.8:1 lens throw
Motorized lens cover
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